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If your friend uses the LanFixed.exe too, it should work fine for both of you. Just give your friend the download link to the LanFixed.exe and it should work.

Another option is: Find a download link for the LanFixed.exe version 1.7.x (whatever version you have) and use that program instead.

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LanFixed.exe is not only for CD! Use LanFixed.exe even if you have steam!

It works fine with the steam version too and seems fixes the T4M crash problem!

Thx for the reply.

We both use the same LanFix and we both have diffrend versions ingame in the right side down. We guess that this is the answer why he get kicked from my lobby when he tryed to join.
1207 days ago
Lanfix only for cd. If you had the game from steam then you dont need to install lanfix

This is how it should be. How i tryed to say, i have the steam version and i tryed to start the map without the LanFix and all what i got is a crash. Out despair i installed the LanFixed.exe in my COD WAW root folder, started it as admin and the map worked. I tryed it again with the normal CoDWaW.exe, but i got another crash.

It only work with the lanfix, but i cant play with it with my friends because we have diffrend versions when we both use it. thats why i search for help.
1207 days ago

had the same problem, game was crashing when starting a T4M map.

1. Download COD WAW LanFix:!88linDKQ!_X2RnWfvaaZOqwrU7QKJCdYFIoOsKUayNB09MOmylkg

2. Put it into the root directory of COD WAW (C:\Program Files (Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty World at War)

3. start CoDWaW LanFixed.exe as ADMIN

DONE! If you open the console you should seea message about T4M running!

[MAYBE you will have to set TEXTURES to NORMAL and SPECULAR MAPS OFF]

I use the steam version and i cant play with t4m without the LanFixes.exe. But is this not only for CD players? And another problem, when i use the LanFixed, i have a strange version. the main version with the normal steam version is 1.7, but with the LanFixed it is 2.0xxx, and my friend has another version too, the version So we cant play together and is really anoying. Do you know a fix for that too? I would be really thankfull.

And excuse my bad english ^-^'
1207 days ago
So I got T4M to play the nacht remake in the fortress mod, which requires this mod to play it. I did what it said, put the d3d9.dll in the game's root directory. If I do this, however, the game will crash every time I open it, and the error given is "unhandled exception caught." Any known way to fix this?

I have the same problem. Do you know a fix already?
1218 days ago
My game crashed all times at the loading screen. I installed T4M r45 [release] but it doesnt change anything.
Could someone help me please?
1220 days ago


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