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Messages - SparkyMcSparks

That's probably too pricey for the average UGX visitor here.

Why not start a GoFundMe to reach $150, then everyone who didn't make it into the alpha mod tools testing can donate for you to reach your goal at which point you take the fridge out back and destroy it Office Space style recording it for us.
8 years ago
Finally got around to cleaning my set-up
9 years ago
It's on a Saturday, November 7th. I updated my post to reflect that, so if you guys want me to play your maps (presumably with you if you're not busy playing Black Ops III on release weekend) feel free to make a small donation.  ;)
9 years ago
Hopefully people watching the stream will want to play to get a game going.

I did something like that before when I was streaming a Spanish War mod for WaW, hopped into an empty server and got like 14 people to play it at once from the stream.

If you host / organize it they will come.  ;)
9 years ago
Fixed link, sorry, hyphen got removed for some reason.
9 years ago
Hey UGX peoples,

I'm going to be participating in Extra Life this year and wanted to see if anyone was interested in making a donation under my name for a charity.

I'll be playing CoD mods for 24 hours on Saturday Nov 7th (mostly zombiemode I suspect, since that's the most popular), so you can feel free to donate with a note on what you'd like to see me play since I'll be streaming. You can also join in to play mods with me (given there is a free space / time after donors who requested it play).

Thanks in advance and your help is much appreciated even if it's just a $1, it's all going to a good cause for children! If you donate $6 or more you'll get guaranteed beta access to Rainbow Six: Siege too, so there's that if you're feeling generous.

Thank you,
Alex "SparkyMcSparks"
9 years ago
Could use some suggestions on possible abilities for each character.

So far the break down is...

Hero WeaponWunderwaffeKatana

Each character will have / need two abilities that supports their given role: something to provide a burst in gameplay for a short period of time but won't clear out all the zombies in the map.

e.g., Takeo will automatically chain kill 5 zombies with a quick slice from his Katana. Or Dempsey will become invulnerable for 10 seconds.

Also looking for suggestions for wonder weapon ideas for Dempsey and Nikolai.

Let us know what YOU would like to see!

We're trying to release an early build sometime this month that way people can start providing feedback and/or using it for the UGX-Mods & ZomMods Mapping Contest 2015.
9 years ago
Can I release the Zombie Campaign mod I was working on and people can use that to make a map for without having to worry about scripting at all? It isn't a "map" that has been previously worked on, so not sure if people can use other "mods" that have been started prior to the contest.

Note: Zombie Campaign isn't done, but my free time is coming back now with my schedule at work, so I'll have time and motivation to get it working at a good state well before November. In meantime I can directly help anyone using it while working on the mod. I won't accept any prizes since I'm not interested in that, goes all to the mappers.
9 years ago
do u have a rough date for when this will drop? I'd like to make a map for this, but wanna play safe and know it will even release  :please:

We are thinking of having an "early access" build that is publicly updated once a week (once we get something worth playing). And then tweaking / adding to / removing what the community thinks is fun.

Or would you guys rather wait for more finalized builds to go into the wild?
9 years ago
So finally got some (disappointing) results with this!

Activision people looked into it and said it's out of their hands, to go bug Valve.

I went on Steam forums and asked the powers that be there, Valve representative responds saying it's for Activision to do.

:kidding: Now I need to go back and ask Activision, again.
10 years ago
Thanks all! So did anyone get a reply? Not even a peep from what I noticed.

Maybe we need to organize a time to mass tweet it again.
10 years ago
Someone said it'd be nice to get a forum section on Steam for World at War so modders can post threads for their stuff to maximize exposure by grabbing people who don't visit forums like these. I think it's a great idea, and they asked how to go about getting it moving...

This URL will ask you to sign into Twitter (it's legit, check URL) and auto fill your status and ask if you'd like to tweet it.

DO NOT RETWEET. IT DOES NOTHING. ATVI Assist only look at individual tweets.

Feel free to spread that URL link to other communities + players, and even if you aren't a modder and just play mods still tweet it!

Note: Not doing a petition because realistically it wouldn't achieve anything here. You need to grab their attention and let them know what you want with your individual voice.
10 years ago
Hey I posted this corona stuff as a guide on Steam. I also updated it with how to actually add info_corona to the list of entities in Radiant you can drop in.  8)
10 years ago
I figured it out. Although it doesn't show up in the Radiant context menu nor list of available entities, all I did was make a info_null and then just change the classname to info_corona. Then I gave it some KVPs, as seen below.

Here is an example lantern I made that contains: lantern model, light, and corona.

Code Snippet
iwmap 4
"000_Global" flags  active
"The Map" flags
// entity 0
"classname" "worldspawn"
// entity 1
"modelscale" "0.75"
"origin" "0.0 0.0 0.0"
"angles" "0 210 0"
"model" "lantern_on"
"classname" "misc_model"
// entity 2
"origin" "0.3 3.8 36.5"
"def" "tungsten_lamp"
"radius" "375"
"_color" "1 0.92549 0.85098"
"intensity" "2"
"classname" "light"
// entity 3
"origin" "0.0 0.0 6.8"
"_color" "1.000000 0.905882 0.807843"
"radius" "80"
"color" "1 0.901961 0.803922"
"intensity" "0.3"
"classname" "info_corona"
10 years ago
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