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This is a really great map! My only problem with it is when I look at the center of the map I drop a ton of frames, but then again I do play on a very crappy laptop.
1093 days ago
Crashes on launch, I don't know if this map requires T4M or not, but if so you didn't say that on the original post
1234 days ago
There's no start button. When I got to the UGX settings, It doesn't let me apply the changes or even exit from it, just stuck on that screen.
1255 days ago
Amazing map, very well made. Definitely worth downloading. One glitch I noticed was Quick Revive on solo, sometimes it revives you sometimes it doesn't. I haven't noticed a pattern or anything, just random.
1277 days ago
Really cool map, the whole gobble system is a really good idea, really the only downside about the map is that it's really small
1397 days ago
The PAP power up doesn't work. You can't pick it up, it just stays there and disappears over time.
1401 days ago
Great details, great models, all around great map. It's also really smooth, I've been noticing some other new maps I've been playing aren't as smooth. Keep up the good work
1403 days ago
When I go to UGX settings theres no "save and close" option so I'm stuck on the settings screen.
1447 days ago


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