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So, I figured I might as well make an introduction since I've cruised around here off and on, for the past month or so.  The name's Light Tank, and it was influenced by the Command & Conquer series.  I've fiddled around with Call Of Duty since Modern Warfare I (Although I did touch the even earlier games on the First Generation Xbox.) and I did Fiddle with the First Call Of Duty that they initially released on the Xbox 360, and Call Of Duty Classic one time as well.

But anyways, the Mods and Sharp Maps brought me here, and I've enjoyed people's creations for the most part.
1264 days ago
11. ORBiT

So long as all the Perks would make a Return, you can count me in when it comes to that.

Perhaps it might even be possible to add more attachments than just the Average 5 Slots they have.  How many you might wonder?  ....Perhaps 7 - 8, depending on what their functions are.
1264 days ago
Nice profile pic btw :P

I'm wondering if that's a woman, or not in the Profile Picture myself.
1264 days ago
So, as it turns out I can't message you, Sylvacre.  I guess it's a setting somewhere.  I tried to get T4M to work not long after I posted to you about it, and even turn all the details down.  It didn't work.
1274 days ago
How so? You may need to adjust texture settings and MAKE SURE you turn off specular map

It crashes when I try to load up Firing Range 1.1, or any map that uses T4M.  I'll PM you, regarding it.
1274 days ago
I've tried debugging this with the creator and nothing has worked. I've had this PC for 7 months and T4M used to work, eventually it started to just crash my game, not even show it launching on steam, but just gives me a crash error. I've verified my game integrity, reinstalled it countless times and it still doesn't work.
These are my specs of my PC:
As you can see here it's more than enough to run WaW and used to run it with T4M perfectly. Just all of a sudden ANY version of T4M won't work.
If anyone else knows any fix please tell me. There's so many maps with T4M that I'd love to play and I'm just missing out.

It sounds like you and I have the same issue.  I installed it in the Root Folder, and gave it a run on "Firing Range V1.1".  Alas, I was not successful as well.  I attempt to load the Map.  No loading screen, just a bar that doesn't fill up, the screen blanks out and it crashes.
1291 days ago


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