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Messages - Sylvacre

Current features:
Custom Weapons including buildable Origins Staffs, G-Strike, Ziggs (LoL)
Custom HUD images made by me
Models straight from League of Legends
12 Perks including Flopper, Who's Who, etc
Gorod Krovi round sounds, PaP camo
Easter eggs
and much more!
7 years ago
So I've been working on a custom map that's a port of Summoner's Rift from League of Legends. I have most of the mapping done but recently my mod tools stopped working properly. What I'm looking for is someone that would be willing to help me zone the map and add some wallbuys, those really some of the last things that need to be done. Because I'm literally unable to do it myself, I would be willing to appropriately compensate anyone that can help me out. Let me know if you'd help or know someone that might!

Keep in mind, since the map is a port from a game that is played from a "birds eye view" the map is fairly 2-dimensional so the zoning might need to be a little precise, but I'm not going to be very particular about how good it is or how it's done if you want the creative freedom.

Thanks in advance to anyone that's willing to help me out!
7 years ago
ERROR: image 'images/fxuse_smoke_pillar_mask.iwi' is miss
Is there a link to an earlier version?
I cannot play this map.
I installed T4M and disabled antivirus.
Help......  :'( I get Unhandled Exception Caught

Delete the mod and install version 1.1. The link can be found between the screenshots and the change log on the original post.
8 years ago
having issues with fist gun doing weird triangle shapes and honey badger is invisible any hints..often have issues with custom maps and odd geometry popping up all around me?
The first gun you mean? You should turn down your quality settings in texture settings and make sure specular map is turned off in graphics settings.
8 years ago
im having problems is when i do solo it crashes on me, i don't know what to do. please help.
Is T4M installed correctly? Opening the console should show "T4M r4x" at the top. Is this after installing a newer version while and older one existed? Navigate to the folder I highlighted in red on the main post at the top, delete the nz_sdt2 folder, and reinstall. If 1.2 doesn't work for you, you'll find a link to the older v1.1 version lower on the main post.
8 years ago
Played v1.2, didn't get previous versions but worked fine for me
Thank you for testing. Can you see if you can pap the mauser if it wouldn't trouble you too much?
8 years ago
P.S.: Could you PLEASE consider adding an alternative download/mirror link, like Mediafire? ISPs around here on Latin America are not so keen on Mega, and they limit the download bandwith to a minuscule amount which isn't enough to download 200 MB+ Custom Maps. Could you please look into that?
For sure man, it'll take a while to upload but I'll get on that ASAP. Hope you enjoy the map.
Meanwhile can people verify that 1.2 works? At least after deleting old version.

Edit: Mediafire link is up
8 years ago
Remember to fix a bug that i mentioned before in the next update. And also sorry for being little bit rude. :please:
You're good man. The bug you mentioned definitely exists but I can't for the life of me figure out why. The end room is considered a playable area and powerups should work. I don't think it's a huge deal though, adds a little balance. As for being rude don't worry about it, it's just been a little stressful which I'm sure you can understand
8 years ago
Then he shouldnt wrote v1.2 in his topic' s name :gusta:

People reported that v1.2 was crashing for them. Of course I'm not going to leave it up as the main download link until I sort it out. 1.2 is back up now, I believe the issue is caused when you don't delete old versions. I will fix this in the future.

I shall play the newer version then :please:

You're right though, I noticed how easy 1.0 was right away with all runners. Check the changelogs :)

Cool ut if you can explain to me why everythime i try to load the map i get unhandled exception caught ::) :poker:
Make sure T4M is installed correctly, this is the most likely issue. If that doesn't fix it delete the mod then reinstall.

Is the lack of the boomhilda an error, or perhaps a bug?
Fixed in v1.2, was an accident.
8 years ago
As much as I want to love this map, it's way too easy. If you could please add the sprinters back, that would be greatly appreciated.
That's because youre still playing 1.0
8 years ago
Yikes. Download link reverted to v1.1, please use that version for now.!oxMnHT5T!CWa-Y_UmDUp-zOdNRgcv6QX-9yd0yMAagGhmKTPKPhc

Double Post Merge: August 28, 2016, 01:11:36 am
Map crashes whenever I try loading it, not too sure why but Ive installed T4M as well, still no fix :( tried reinstalling the map, still no fix..

Please help :(
Solo will not work on v1.2, cant get past the loading screen. downloaded everything. Help.

Try deleting your old version then reinstall 1.2. If that doesn't work, I've reverted the download for the map in the original post.
8 years ago
Loved the map. Beat it on Round 20 with exactly 50k. I didn't encounter any problems or bugs, and it's a nice map. However, I do believe it's short. Easter Egg is short as well. Not many rooms, the ending is like, 5 rooms away from the beginning, and the barn looks like it was taken from UGX Requiem and then toned down lightly. Don't get me wrong, it's a great map, but I just think it's short. The buildings around the main map could play into something. Maybe go there to collect a piece?
The barn is a COD5 prefab I retextured. The map is slightly short because it's my first ever.
8 years ago
So, as it turns out I can't message you, Sylvacre.

Add me on Skype
8 years ago
Can I ask what makes this map over 800MB in size?
Guns are a big part of it I'm sure.

According to this:

I don't think you used the same one Oshawat but I definetely think this PaP camo Sylvacre has used is in fact ReclusiveShade's ( not a bad thing, just suggestion for the credits section :) )

At least I think it is, don't quote me on that lol XD

I can add him to the credits but it's also entirely possible they just use the same image.
8 years ago
Very fun map. Love all the BO3 elements to it.

Only bug I have to report, is falling off the map in the bottom area where ending is located. Other than that, it played perfectly.

Oh, maybe I missed something, but the zombies never ran, they were always walkers, which isn't very challenging at all. Any chance of progressively making them faster?

Thanks for creating and sharing the map.
Thank you. Yes, v1.1 already adds back sprinting zombies, fixes the end room, and has another BO3 gun. Expect it soon.
8 years ago
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