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stamp prefab of barricade and change texture of wood with stone
1241 days ago
is this made on bo3 mod tools or waw mod tools?
if it waw the models & textures changed name
1241 days ago
try in Offline mode of steam
1241 days ago
Check JBIRD channel and you will find the tutorial
1241 days ago
before i can try my map because there is .ff file but when i finished my map at mapping what happenned is that the .ff get deleted automatic and don't generate again so is this the problem anyone know how to fix it? i have 0 error in the launcher :please: :'(
1279 days ago

Linking "zm_brick" (usermaps\zm_brick stable 2574116 v593):

^1ERROR: in map: d:\steamgames\steamapps\common\call of duty black ops iii\\map_source\zm\

^1ERROR: Entity 17 misc_model at (53.3445 2050 350.651) no model assigned
^1ERROR: in map: d:\steamgames\steamapps\common\call of duty black ops iii\\map_source\zm\
^1ERROR: Entity 432 script_model at (194.726 969.14 0) no model assigned

How to solve it? because it the problem why i can't run my map and i got the error
 "Could-not-load-level-fastfile" i think it this the problem , if it is not how to fix Could-not-load-level-fastfile for testing map and those errors?
1281 days ago
when i run my map i got this error... help please
1281 days ago
I Will try this :D
1282 days ago
its FIXED :D
1398 days ago
anyone ? :/ :(
1401 days ago
after adding a wall weapon i get the error: Undefined is not a field object . i have see a man was having problem with this and one answered that weapon i add isnt in _zombiemode_weapons.gsc but the weapons i added are there: PPSH , gewer , springfield, thompson , mp40
********* script runtime error **********
undefined is not a field object: (file 'maps/_zombiemode_weapons.gsc', line 417)
return level.zombie_weapons[weapon_name].hint;

Error called from:
(file 'maps/_zombiemode_weapons.gsc', line 383)
hint_string = get_weapon_hint( weapon_spawns.zombie_weapon_upgrade );
Error: called from:                 
(file 'map/_zombiemode_weapons.gsc, line 8)
Error: called from:
(file 'map/_zombiemode.gsc', line 59)
Error: called from:
(file 'maps/nacht_der_toten.gsc', line 99)
Error: started from:
(file 'maps/nacht_der_toten.gsc', line 21)
main() {

thanks for who gonna help me , i'm new on this !
1403 days ago
you have _zombiemode_perk.gsc on your mods/modname/maps ?
if yes open it and remove the Precacheitem of all perks and the knuckle
then go to raw and copy the weapons file and paste it on your mods/modmane/          then go to ur launcher in mod builder search to zombie_perk_bottle_doubletap jugg etc... and clic on the square to active it then build the iwd & ff file and compile the map and its will work that what i did
1408 days ago
same error :( before it was working fine
1410 days ago
Hello, i got an error after compiling the map: script runtime error undefined is not an object i just start creating custom map zombie and i was searching if possible to make a mystery box buildable and i found this tutorial i followed step by step and when i compile i got this error . "i'm new on this :( dont laugh"
1411 days ago
Ok thanks
1459 days ago


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