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How can I add this to all guns, including vanilla ones?
1299 days ago
So I was messing around with lighting, and I started to notice that my map had no bloom... so I tinkered for a little while and found something called "vbloom_box". This volume doesn't do anything when I launch in-game, but there is a missing parameter, which the console warns me about while compiling:

The "lvi" parameter is empty, and I cannot find anything relating to lvi in APE. Any help is greatly appreciated
1398 days ago
So I just started using the beta tools yesterday, and I have already come across a few bugs (which is to be expected from a beta). The first one being very common and probably already reported on the forums, the ambient occlusion bug:

I have seen this bug in pretty much every custom map I have made, so I'm assuming this is an issue with the tools themselves, but I thought I would report it anyways.

This is temporarily solved by disabling ambient occlusion in the options menu!

The next one is a question about how to scale UV textures on objects and/or individual faces. My issue shown here:

This is solved by opening surface options tab!

The next issue I have had is the dreaded memory leak that seems to be present in Radiant itself. It's not really an issue, considering I can just clean my memory and all is well, but it's and issue nonetheless. This is what it looks when I clear memory on Radiant launch:

After clearing the ram, nothing happens and everything goes back to normal with memory usages that don't nearly blue screen me (8GB of RAM just in case you wondered).

The next is a question about how to add a custom skybox. I have already gone through the steps listed on this tutorial by wakka:

Yet, it does not update in the editor, nor show in-game:

(Look at the entity info window)

The next one is either an issue, or a question. In Radiant, the perk machines do not show. This makes it hard to rotate/position them accordingly. Issue shown here:

As I said before: Bugs are to be expected from the beta, I am in no way ridiculing the developers that worked hard to give us these tools!!! Any help is great appreciated.
1407 days ago


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