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How do you make the pap camo have a see-through ice effect? I'm trying to make a custom pap camo in bo1 with that effect but is unsure which material type to choose.
876 days ago
Is there any way to script the shotgun kill effect(when you use a pap-d shotgun in bo2 and kill the zombie in one hit, they evaporate into mist) from bo2? I can make the blood mist effect myself, but how do you make it so that it works like in BO2?
1115 days ago
in _zombiemode_score look for this:

		case "head":
case "helmet":
score = level.zombie_vars["zombie_score_bonus_head"];

and add the sound there:
		case "head":
case "helmet":
score = level.zombie_vars["zombie_score_bonus_head"];
self playsound( "bullet_impact_headshot_helmet_nodie" );
Works like a charm, thanks a million.  :)
1134 days ago
How do you make it so that if the zombie dies from a headshot it plays a headshot sound?
I tried editing the zombie_death_event but it didn't work.

Heres the code I tried to add(i got the line from the hitmarkers script)
zombie_death_event( zombie )
zombie waittill( "death" );
zombie thread zombie_eye_glow_stop();
if ( animscripts\utility::damageLocationIsAny( "head", "helmet", "neck" ) )
                // Sound here
self playsound( "bullet_impact_headshot_helmet_nodie" );
1134 days ago
I am new to making mods for zombies and today I decided to try my mod with my friend. I found a series of glitches which I failed to find a fix for.
1. The player models seem to go invisible from time to time
2. After being revived(or reviving anyone) the game lags and then the person who was revived becomes invincible to zombies
Can anyone help? I really want to know how to fix these.
P.S. I'm using Harrybo21's perks just in case if it matters.
1182 days ago


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