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Messages - IamTIMMEHHH

@gympie6 What the fuck is this, This map is heresy I don't care if it's a first map just don't upload it.

2 months ago
cool and good
5 months ago
I like what you are doing with the lighting and FX in the map. maybe try to make the buildings a bit higher or have a variety in height to make it more immersive.
5 months ago
10 months ago
looks good, will try later
is this the real cbt_johnson1? maker of the bighead bunker map?!
2 years ago
The hell part of this map remind me of Urk, scary place men!
2 years ago
L115 is from ghost thx 
2 years ago
Realy perfect work guys! Keep it going, is rare to see some good maps these days and your work is excelent. I realy love fresh ideas for mechanisms in maps and some inovation. Can i send some money for support and inspire you for some another map? And how can i do it? :))) O:-) i dont have much, but i realy want to do some more than just write some words.
glad you enjoyed the map and there is already a sequal being made. also thanks for the offer but there is no reason to donate. your words are more important.
3 years ago
hey every time i try to load your maps it crashes and it comes up with a werid message.

need help please.
did u get t4m before playing these maps?if not. u can download it in the mods tab. 
3 years ago
there are pultiple things that can cause this:1. make sure you have dynamic path selected when making the door, thats in the kvp tap and is one of the selectable boxes.2. an enter kvp on your trigger, it makes the game know you are entering a differend zone.3. did u add the zone to your zone file, so the zone actually excists.
3 years ago
your first map is not a boxmap, i am proud ;)
3 years ago
Question, i have scoured this map but get killed in late rounds, like 20 or higher,, the double upgraded weapons help, but after i get all the paper, and the Bazooka, what does this open ???
Once you get the Bazooka you need a few points to do something with it, after that there might be something to look at, at the double tap generator
3 years ago
Hey dude, this map has any easter egg, isn't it?
yes, it has an easter egg... 
3 years ago
Absolutely sick map! The visuals are stunning, the gun and perk vareity is awesome, and the map is decently large. The teleporter zombies aren't nearly as annoying as the ones using ZTC mod, and the boss didn't give me too much trouble (especially when I got the Wunderwaffe :P). I also enjoy that there's a decent bit of space to run around, but not too much as to make the map too easy.

There were only a few small issues, none of which are mapbreaking but got on my nerves just a little. The main issue I ran into was the fact that it was easy to get stuck permanently, which for me, happened in the elevator when i jumped as the elevator reached the underground, and the ladder underground, which I jumped onto to get up quicker. Luckily I was in the lower rounds when they happened, but at a later round, it could be very frustrating. The minecart track in the underground was also kind of frustrating, as it was very easy to make an irrecoverable fall (again, happened to me twice). The other issues I ran into are extremely minor, the near pitch black darkness of the tunnels (bumping up my brightess a few notches made it seeable), and the zombie counter showing negative values at higher rounds (didn't affect the turn of the round, the round ended when all zombies were eliminated, not when the counter reached zero). None of these issues are mapbreaking and don't subtract from the awesomeness of it, but they did cause me a few game resets.

One thing that puzzled me was how exactly to find the Pack-A-Punch. I'm assuming it's behind the door in the castle which yeilds the text, "Come back later...", but I don't have the slightest clue as to how it would be opened. If you could give me a few pointers, I would be thankful, I really wanna try out the double PAP weapons in the map. I can tell that you spent a lot of time on this map, it's a hell of an experience and I had a lot of fun playing it. If only I could get multiplayer to work so I could play with my other friend who plays WAW, this map would be really fun on multiplayer.
 Thx for the feedback, some of these bugs we would have to look into more but we thought we fixed the elevator problem, the brightness is also a mystery since for a lot of people its completally fine and others are having trouble with it so we have no clue what to do with it. then the mine tracks are supposed to be like this, its the most rewarding place to be( evantually) so we made it extra hard to go around. and for the pap(which is not like an easter egg or something)1. activate all the generators around the map2. activate main power switch3. buy the door to the teleporter in the cave area (that pentagram in a sideway of the mine)and you teleport to the pap....
3 years ago
looks like a great map gonna go for some high rounds for sure
Good luck with that, it sure is a challenge. 
3 years ago
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