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Messages - IamTIMMEHHH

bruh xD
2 years ago
Oh my god the creativity involved in this map is unreal, but it's impossible to figure out what to do. For the past hour I've been running around with infinite health, ammo and cash (do this so that I can just focus on figuring out the map and not bother with survival or points) just to see if there's anything at all I missed and I have no fucking clue how to proceed. Got the 3 things for the bus driver but now I've got 0 clue how to even proceed. The thing is I love the way one of the items only shows up after it's been hot, that's so insanely creative. But this map is so so hard to figure out (also haven't played zombies in a good while so that might make things harder). Took me like 4 games (non-cheated) to figure out that the soul forges are soul forges lol (and I only figured that out from the features spoiler lol). Then took 30 minutes (when cheating) to figure out you gotta melt snow to reach an item. But now I'm completely stuck, how do I even proceed??
First of all, thank you.
Second of all,
Gonna try and give some hints here and not spoil to much.
1. With the 3 items you found there is a place you need to put them on. Once you place down these items a light should appear on "something".  There are 2 more "something" activated with just a regular button.
2. Front of greenhouse.
3. Door Greenhouse.
2 years ago
Yup 👍
2 years ago
nice balls bro:+1:
3 years ago
3 years ago
6 years later....
lets see what this brings us;)
3 years ago
@gympie6 What the fuck is this, This map is heresy I don't care if it's a first map just don't upload it.

3 years ago
cool and good
3 years ago
I like what you are doing with the lighting and FX in the map. maybe try to make the buildings a bit higher or have a variety in height to make it more immersive.
3 years ago
4 years ago
looks good, will try later
is this the real cbt_johnson1? maker of the bighead bunker map?!
4 years ago
The hell part of this map remind me of Urk, scary place men!
5 years ago
L115 is from ghost thx 
5 years ago
Realy perfect work guys! Keep it going, is rare to see some good maps these days and your work is excelent. I realy love fresh ideas for mechanisms in maps and some inovation. Can i send some money for support and inspire you for some another map? And how can i do it? :))) O:-) i dont have much, but i realy want to do some more than just write some words.
glad you enjoyed the map and there is already a sequal being made. also thanks for the offer but there is no reason to donate. your words are more important.
5 years ago
hey every time i try to load your maps it crashes and it comes up with a werid message.

need help please.
did u get t4m before playing these maps?if not. u can download it in the mods tab. 
6 years ago
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