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let's hope huruman finish the thing
my job is done
1058 days ago
nothing until september
closed for vacation
1136 days ago
Hello Huruman, nice to see You in UGX

For all You guys that don't know Huruman:

He is and excellent mapper that has published several MP maps
His version of Leningrad is Epic :)
and as You can see in the menu screens he is spansih like me :)

Bienvenido Huruman

Tengo un montón de armas que hice para
un proyecto en WAW que nunca se hizo,
si te pone, te las mando cuando quieras

That part is in code :)
1243 days ago
Congrats on the release ;)
1254 days ago
try redoing the ads_up amd ads_down animations with tag_view+tag_ads instead
1267 days ago
Massive Work!!!
Addictive games to the max :)

Love it
1281 days ago
No iwd files, IW uses .pak files

1301 days ago
Delete the "_ANIM" of your XANIM_EXPORT files, and be sure they end with ".XANIM_EXPORT" before
converting to ".XANIM_BIN"
1330 days ago
100% different and IW 150% different :)
1333 days ago
You have to fix it yourself, sorry for the bad news
1333 days ago
check the viewmodel and the anim model: tag_weapon instead of j_gun
1409 days ago
Of course there is a way :)

1.- Check that you viewmodel and animated model have tag_weapon instead of j_gun
2.- Do the same with all the xanims except the ass ones (tag_weapon instead of j_gun)
3.- Be sure your ads_up and down have tag_view+tag_torso ot tag_view+tag_ads ( I personally use tag_view+tag_torso)

1449 days ago
BY the time I get my computer fixed probably the tools will be public :lol:

BluntStuffy I don't know anyone to deserve the tools better than you, me included of
1482 days ago
A couple of details to make your dot look better,
Look at the image Tim posted:

1.- On Frame buffer Operations Right Column, Second Row: dest Blend set it as InnSrcAlpha
     Third row with the same name should keep as is: One*

2.- Below the Detail normal map box, there are two numbers: x scale y scale
Bigger numbers make the dot smaller (good to do your custom dots) 
1524 days ago
it's on
1570 days ago


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