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Rounds in a map like this make no sense . But a good map none the less :)

1348 days ago
As soon as I see nova crawlers are in a map, I walk away as I hate them...but this map looks so insane, and so much work has clearly gone into it, it'd be rude not to have a crack at it!

Thanks BluntStuffy  :nyan:

EDIT , couldn't get it to load, unzipped, placed in "mods" folder, chose mod from menu, typed in map nazi_zombie_johndoe , anddd nothing...just sits there at the main menu :/
1369 days ago
Did you sample the Robocop shooting gallery scene gun sound for you're minigun? (watch from 17s)

1376 days ago
No stupidly complex EE's.
1378 days ago
I do use other mod sites, I won't name them for obvious reasons, but UGX its my favourite, as I love the UGX mod itself, and I find this place has the best mappers. And now there's talk of Realism 3.0 (2.2 was one of my all time favorites) , together with BO3 open beta released, I think UGX will become the place to be, if it isn't already :D

Thank you UGX.
1378 days ago
No features list?
1380 days ago
I wasn't having a go,  I can imagine how much work goes into maps like these, it's greatly appreciated.

1385 days ago
It continually round skipped when I was in the chalk room (I killed the last crawler in there) .

EDIT,  just played again..Left one crawler while looking for secret doors, the crawler died after a while and it then round skipped continually.
Sorry man but this map has serious issues.

1387 days ago
I love any map that does away with the standard Zombie models. Last time I saw it was Five nights at Freddys, so good job OP.

My ONLY complaint were the weapons are a bit ....meh.

Otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable map :)
1408 days ago
Just found it :D
1409 days ago
I cannae find the lid for the mystery box :/
1409 days ago
So leave the file extension alone, and change the filename to mod?
1507 days ago
Like this?

1508 days ago
I didn't check, but Iv'e uninstalled, and deleted the BO1 folder in steamapps, gonna re download thor & mod files now.

Will make sure MP is installed.

Double Post Merge: May 19, 2016, 06:01:31 pm
Well that was a waste of an 11GB download, exactly the same :/ .

No one has answered which I copy over last, the MOD files or the Thor files, the mod files require 5 overwrites, the Thor files 10, is that right?

If I copy over the mod files last, I get the following error message :-

If I copy over the Thor files & folder last, I get the following error message :-

Here is my folder structure, in case it helps.

MP is definitely installed.
1511 days ago
how bo3 modtools aplha works:
<<image removed>>

Absolutely superb  ;D
1511 days ago


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