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1470 days ago
Just incase noone has caught this yet... a little preview of custom zombies in bo3!

all thanks to UGO


level._zombie_custom_add_weapons =&custom_add_weapons;
1473 days ago
change the texture to whatever you want
1519 days ago
smaller in black ops 3
1583 days ago
I dont think theres any extra joints but just find a perk bottle in xmodelutils and then open the xmodel_export in text editor and rename the joints. They are only slightly differently named you will know which is which. Also u probably need to resize the model
1583 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)

New screenshot!

Map renamed to "Gold Station" as well as a story do-over and a major overhaul. PM if you can help with gun ports or boss zombies.

 :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

looks epic
1600 days ago
Still change the name to mtl_silver_etching, using that bo1 camo won't change anything

You need to replace the whole material name (bo2_mtl_t6_wpn_smg_mp7_camo1) not just the 'camo1' part

There is a tutorial for the camo part already that you might be able to follow easier:,2991.0.html
1679 days ago
Looks cool, reminds me of some Spyro levels lol
1683 days ago
You have to change it in the weaponfile for each gun
1683 days ago
Woops I didn't notice the stairs debris wasn't opened lol
1705 days ago
The map looks awesome. ;) I downloaded it yesterday and while playing it today I found a bug. :-\

(Image removed from quote.)

I reached that part of the map without opening the debris.

pretty sure thats not a bug... just there is more than one way around the map
1705 days ago
Map is looking epic, the police boss idea is top quality haha

Do they have guns? Is there an African American playable character?

 :lol: :lol: :lol:
1720 days ago
So i'm not the only one, that's good to hear.

yup, and I didn't even want who's who  :please: got it from a perk drop
1720 days ago
I got downed with who's who and didn't revive myself and from then onwards I wasn't getting any points lol

Other than that pretty good map so far from what I've played
1720 days ago
I don't know how you guys can get it looking that good that quick!

(Image removed from quote.)
Looks like an Advanced Warfare map lol
1735 days ago


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