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Do it again, but right this time and hopefully you will recover
Nope that's a script related error. Line 86 in usermap_test_zone_init(). The error can be on the line, or sometimes above the line.
1182 days ago
isSliding() is the function you are looking for
1202 days ago
Haha you're still working on this?
Wow man dedication, you officially have the longest developed map (leviathan was one full year).
1220 days ago
That's not how barricades are done in BO3. They aren't like the prefabs done in waw where you have a bunch of brushes as the boards. The boards are all script models now, and you have to make your barricade in APE.
1303 days ago
Can i create maps for all cod games that have zombies in it with the tools from this website?
No, the only games that have mod tools are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: World at War, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

What programming language is used for creating custom things on the map?
Call of duty uses their own language; however, it is most similar to any C based language.

Is it some tools that i should take a closer look in too/learning so i can get better results?
Just learn how to use Radiant (the program that is used for creating maps).
1359 days ago
Bunker 10
Played the new Community map Bunker 10. Really awesome work by everyone - definitely shows how (even in a short period of time) mappers are able to work together to produce something fun. You guys should all check it out!

Steam Workshop Page:

Room 1 Ascension Room - Madgaz Gaming
Room 2 Shi No Numa Room - Ed Zombies
Room 3 Bio Room - Joe Trocious
Room 4 Buried Room - Jorn Westerbrink
Room 5 Bank Vault Room - Ed Zombies
Room 6 Shower Block Room - Zeroy
Room 7 Keeper Room - Tom Waffles
Room 8 Caves Room - Jon Ford
Room 9 Castle Room - Isaypwn
Room 10 sewer Room - Tech Media Guys
1365 days ago
You need to have a few things to have your map properly lit:
1. Caulk box surrounding your entire map with the inner faces any sky texture (doesn't matter which texture its overridden by the worldspawn settings)
2. Lightgrid volume covering the entire playable area
3. Reflection probes in rooms (usually 1 per room)
4. Worldspawn settings:
1365 days ago
I think you can make a temporary representation of how many items you have picked up by doing something like this:
For example:
function init()
partsNeeded = 3;
partsCollected = 0;
thread partPickup();
function partPickup()
partTrigger = {"partneeded","targetname"}

     partTrigger waittill("trigger",player)

Your syntax is wrong there :P (missing semicolons and you're getting the trigger wrong)
Also you have a local variable called partsCollected that isn't accessible in the partPickup function.
On top of that, your code only works for one part, so no point in a while loop.
1371 days ago
Okay can someone tell me how to enable cheats on this damn map?? I like to fuck around on custom maps so...a little help?? :'(
They intentionally prevent players from using cheats to keep the experience of the map the way it was intended.
1374 days ago
Might just be an unoptimized map.
But seriously... 60fps isn't playable? Do you even have a monitor that has a refresh rate faster than that? (even if you do, 60 fps is the standard for most games...)
1376 days ago
We don't have a tool for editing Black Ops 3 Lua - and we might not even get one.
So the only thing you can do is try to script it in using GSC
1379 days ago
How'd you guys script the cutscenes?
Literally just moved all the players and hid their weapons
1384 days ago
Looks like you are using an AI rig, in asset manager set the model from animated to multiplayer body
1394 days ago
Well kinda difficult to help find the issue with your script if you don't show us the script lol.
1415 days ago
Ya the most optimized way to do it would be to do a client script, where each player plays the snow fx on the players origin. This is ideal so the snow isn't being played at every point of the map and only at the player's location which will allow for higher frame rate.
1418 days ago


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