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I have done the verification of integrity but ill try again just-in case. Thankx for responding. Ill reply back on what happens afterwords.
1092 days ago
I'm having an issue with the textures and models of my map(s). This texture and model screwup wasn't noticed until I had to make steam 'acknowledge' the contents where the mod tools were.
Couple of nights ago, I decided to go turn of my pc before I went to bed. The next day, I woke up, turned on the pc, went on steam and noticed that the mod tools in the tool section of steam weren't installed even though I had them installed already.
So I tried to download the mod tools on the drive where I have them located (just so it can override its contents at the very least).
It downloaded and it 'recognized' the file location, a download was placed after that adjustment occurred which was about 40 minutes.
After all of that occurred, I was able to open up the mod tools and I clicked radiant applied to my map selection.
The next thing I know, I'm looking at my map with textures that are missing, seeing some of the models that are in their shape without some textures applied and models that are displaced with little cubes.
I exited my launcher and noticed an update that was needed for the mod tools and so i proceeded with installing it. The download process on steam for the mod tools was 'validating' for 40 minutes but whenever I looked at the download page it told me it was an "update required".
The download process didn't have any bytes transferring. After the validation process, it listed another update required listed on the download section for the mod tools again.
Clicked it and said validating again. So now it's a nonstop loop of telling me something that is in need of an update when it actually isn't.
I don't know WHY steam decided to not recognize the mod tools for black ops 3 in the tool section for me, even when i could run the tools by just finding it in the files and using it from there.
But i wanted to make sure I'm getting everything new from the updates. I find myself regretting that decision immensely now.
It's weird because most of the textures and models that can't be seen in radiant are the models and textures THEY provided within their bo3 mod tools.
I'm thinking about saving some of the exclusive files and deleting the game and the mod tools and re downloading it to fix but unsure if the problems will be fixed henceforth.
It probably has to do with the GDT's because I don't know whether the new ones that are put in xanim_export, model_export and texture_assets should be placed in source_data or should be kept where they are put.
Here are some of the materials missing.
From what I've noticed, most of the textures that are missing begin with "t7_" and the models usually begin with "p7_"
Found on t7_materials
missing models
Should I remove everything from black ops 3 and redownload the game and mod tools again so everything can balance nicely OR should I keep stuff since the next update could fix it all.
Thanks for your time and cooperation and peace.
Message me on steam or discord @ ASTR0x0M3GA
1093 days ago
can i put weapons that are exclusive from shadows and the other maps into this code for it to be able to be in my map or no?
1326 days ago
After I downloaded this, I went to go play it on waw by launching as a mod from the mod section. After that I went into the Controller options which for some reason wouldn't allow me to use my mouse or keyboard, then i typed in the disable controller code and shit and Still the menu was stagnant. I quit waw and now anytime I open it (without starting any other mods), the mouse indicator doesn't show up and it basically is disabled. I figure that the mouse capabilities got messed up with the controller disable function. This is just awful and I need some help ASAP.

Double Post Merge: June 16, 2016, 06:13:21 pm
So i made the mistake off clicking the new options button then enabled controller support when i dont have a controller so now i cant play and if i load up the mod i have to restart bc i cant do anything.

Same problem too

Double Post Merge: June 16, 2016, 07:15:36 pm
i found out the problem, inside of my config in my profile file, the mouse acceleration code is changed to 1 and it should be zero. change it and you should be good :D
1441 days ago
Nice map, I'm willing to try this out for sure! I wanna make a poster for this XD from how good it looks!
1607 days ago
Here's is a 3 part video of me and my friends attempting the map "Six feet under" by NGcaudle

Like favorite and subscribe
1695 days ago
map looks so sexy
1696 days ago
Did a video on it! Go check it out
1697 days ago
yeah it's so disfunctional at times lol, thanks
1727 days ago
alright thanks, I'll notify if that works
1741 days ago
I wanted to get lunar landers in my map and i put the prefabs in and everything. the patch included some electric cherry script with it aswell and that's what I'm trying to get in my map but when i finish compiling and building the mod, it doesnt work. Yes i put the script stuff in zombiemode.gsc
but when i try to play it, it give me an error saying missing material_shader_porter
And i was wondering if i have to type in the model names and materials in my mod.csv for this cause i think that would be important but the maker for these prefabs didn't say.
1741 days ago
its not showing this error when building the mod, it shows after compile

Double Post Merge: August 09, 2015, 10:18:21 pm
I fixed it , just compiled it again after restarting pc
1753 days ago
after compiling my map, it gave me this error "(!) UNRECOVERABLE ERROR: EXE_ERR_HUNK_ALLOC_FAILED256"
ive seen it before and know you have to close some tabs too but before i remembered that i closed launcher and then reopened it and noticed that the ff assets count were not showing up for some reason. When i closed launcher at that time, I didn't have alot of windows open so idk. Im going to try to restart my pc and see what happens or possibly wait until I get an answer.
1753 days ago
Alright thanks, ill keep you guys posted on whats happening to fix this

Double Post Merge: August 08, 2015, 03:52:20 pm
Fixed! just fixed the debris script and the deleted the blend texture
1754 days ago


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