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My favorite map of all time is Jbird632 Overrun Black Ops Mod
I mean, this map is just awesome. The first version of this map was already fun and awesome, but implementing the blops mod turned this map into a master piece. I personally loved the layout and the best part: the weapons the and special rounds. As a blosp1 fan I fell inlove with this perfect ports. Also the perk layout is great. The special round is a perfect mix of imagination and old enemies. I still play this map constantly, doing challenges, or just going rounds up.
Link to my tweet:
1965 days ago
:'( My mommy says I can because im  already a big man  :'(
2089 days ago

Also that proves my toughts that you are going to fill this map with awesome features  ;D
2090 days ago
This is the hottest thing since Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. I know that no one in their right mind would let me play Superman, but I think that Jei9363 would be a good candidate.
Hey, this map is a great idea for a movie. I could star in it, direct it & produce it. It would be just what my career needs to get out of this 20 year slump.
wow nic, nice to see you leaving some love in the contest maps  <3
2092 days ago
I just got it!!!  :nyan:

I also have a copy for you slagovich  ;)
2105 days ago
If it's not too much trouble, can you guys add the following (don't worry they're really easy  :P)

The giant squid thing from Extinction.
George from COTD.
Ghosts guns.
Tranzit bus.

Thanks.  ;) And when is the release date? And can I post it first exclusively on my youtube channel?
Also a bo2 class sistem, including more than 20 attachments to choose per weapon.
The giant guy from buried.
Exo suits.
AW weapons.
AW skins.
Bioshock big daddy´s
This ones are pretty easy too  ;D

I dont have a youtube but i want to play it early because it looks awesome, sorry guys i mean "beta test"
2106 days ago
Looks like a good map, but im going to wait for the update
and why i cannot edit the post?
Its a like a new rule to avoid trolls, if you have under 20 posts (I think?) you cant edit the post, and all of your posts have to be checked by an admin. I think you should ask an admin to exclude you from that (unless you are a troll) :please:
2111 days ago
Welcome to UGX! Home of the awesome UGX mod  8)
Mapping would be very difficult for me :/ I have tried it many times and I suck :( so I might just stick to playing/testing :D
He means checking the maps in progress, not doing one. Also in the chat theres always someone helping if you want to start mapping. ;D
2112 days ago
What about the other players then, they would show up on it as well :P
Every soldier has a special magnetic armor, that comunicates with every other soldier in the area, excluding them from the scanner and also showing their names when close.
2121 days ago
This makes sense I suppose, however would the trees in the pictures not also fall under 'self-sustaining entities', and if so why are they not also included in the scan?  :P
Because it can be calibrated to just scan major life signatures, i think  :P
2121 days ago
Why does it say 'life signatures', aren't zombies technically (un)dead?  ???
According to wikipedia, Death is the termination of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. The fact the zombies are moving and screaming means they have cells sistems working inside their bodies. So maybe the sensor scans certain functions that only self-sustaining entities have.   :please:
2121 days ago
OMG! I just googled 115 and look what I´ve got:

Also 115 has 3 numbers= Half life 3 confirmed!??!?!?
2129 days ago
Welcome! (again). At least for me you are a great mapper, exited for your work!  :nyan:
2129 days ago
i cant find a good photoshop template
And because you cant find it is UGX mods team obligation to find it for you...  :please:
2129 days ago


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