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Map needs a fix. The map loads half way through load screen and then crashes
1452 days ago
Just got the lanfixed version works good now. I just put the lanfixed version in my root directory and just renamed it CoDWaW LanFix.exe and it works perfectly now. Thanks for the help  DidUknowiPwn. :)
1667 days ago
Any way this can be played on the cd version. Some people say they have done it. But every time i do it it never works and i put everything in my waw root folder.
1668 days ago
Alright. I have the CD version of the game and people say it works. It doesnt for me if someone can screenshot where they have there waw root directory from a cd version and where they put the dll file in the directory it would be much appreciated. I really want to play this map. XD
1762 days ago
How do you open up the main office went into the control room and found usb and never knew what to do with it looked all around to see if it was usable on anything. plz help overall love the map. Definitely a challenge.
2206 days ago
Dude awesome the ghost from buried
2218 days ago
I beta test the map.
2255 days ago
Ill be in the beta and find out some bugs
2278 days ago
Dude add reload sounds to the guns.
2369 days ago


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