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I think we need also
its missing in download
1373 days ago
you can add the perk machine files and change or the cost of the init from them.
it worked for me.
Also Pap works like this. Just add the files to your folder and zone
and change the init or cost
1422 days ago
You can find the tutorial on our wiki!

awesome, thank you very much.

Would also like tutorial how to have continous dogs spawn, looking into giant.gsc but cant find it.
1435 days ago
Seen some videos with 40 margwa or 40 robots on bo3.
So decide to take a look into scripting of this.

found the files share/raw/scripts/shared/ai

archetype clone.gsc
archetype robot.gsc

now I have a map and mod running with custom box upgraded with only camou guns in it.,
so know a bit how to add stuff, really would be awesome if someone explains the first steps how to add bot/margwa/robot
cause they are all in same map, so must be same script.

thnx in advance
1440 days ago
Have a working script for custom map
changed speed of zombies from round 1
changed speed of spawn
changed amount of zombies in 1 wave
changed starting weapon

I have this working in my zm_test.gsc file

now I want to make this as a mod, so added line in mod:

and added usermap.gsc in map
in there I have all level. changes
but it wont work
any help or experience would be appreciated.
1445 days ago


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