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level.playSoundLocation PlaySound("welcoming_sound");
self PlayLocalSound( "welcoming_sound" );

Also that diamond_text script is from my minecraft map  :)
1585 days ago
Hi  :)

I use this code to spawn "FX"

fx = spawn("script_model", (-337.5,640,178.5));
fx setModel("tag_origin");
//wait 5;

But i don't know how can i stop or delete after X seconds.

Can someone help me ? Thanks a lot  ;)

wait( x );
fx delete();
1628 days ago
Can someone make a custom boss for me for my zombies map baed on Mike Myers?

Even if its just a reskin of Brutus still i would highly appreciate it
You gotta get a model, place it over the default zombie model in maya and rig / paint skin weights. To get it to spawn you can just set the model in script as often as you want the model to spawn. Its how i created this boss here

1641 days ago
Is it true this cant be played with a controller?
It could but it would be really weird, i havent tested the controls but you would use the D-pad
1647 days ago
That's... actually really cool. Really nicely executed idea.

Thank you so much
1662 days ago
This is a map entirely based around playing space invaders. There are no zombies and the game ends when you want it to. Try to get the high score and beat all 10 waves on this Space Invaders recreation!

1679 days ago
I made a custom model for the perk machine and bottle weapon. How do I refer to them in the gsh though? I don't tink just putting the name in from APE works.
You also need to precache the model either in your zone file or by placing the model somewhere in your map. Usually you replace the machine model in radiant with yours
1679 days ago
The bik files must manually be put into this directory
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Call of Duty World at War\main\video
Also they only play in solo, at least thats how it worked for me in my Kingdom Hearts map
1705 days ago
I want to make a script where you have to shoot something and then eleport to the next room.
Any help? :) :D

This is what i have so far...

 function init()
    level.buttonNeeded = 1;
    level.buttonFound = 0;
    level thread button();
function button()
    model_teleport_1 = GetEnt("teleport_model_1", "targetname");
    trig_1 = GetEnt("button_1", "targetname");
    model_1 = GetEnt("button_model_1", "targetname");
    trig_1 SetHintString("");
    trig_1 SetCursorHint("HINT_NOICON");
        trig_1 waittill("trigger", player);
        IPrintLn("Button found!"); // Not Needed
        thread button_found(player);
    //trig_1 Delete();
    //model_1 Delete();
function button_found(player)
        self waittill(level.buttonFound >= level.buttonNeeded);
        if(level.buttonFound == level.buttonNeeded)
            self MoveTo("teleport_model_1", .5, .05, .05);
            player_fudge_moveto( teleport_model_1 );

Okay so quite a few problems here.
1. you dont need a while loop if your using waittill
2. self MoveTo("teleport_model_1", .5, .05, .05); your trying to move the player to something thats not defined in that function. Also you would just move the player to model_1 as thats what you defined it as.

function button()
    model_teleport_1 = GetEnt("teleport_model_1", "targetname");
    trig_1 = GetEnt("button_1", "targetname");
    model_1 = GetEnt("button_model_1", "targetname");
    trig_1 SetHintString("");
    trig_1 SetCursorHint("HINT_NOICON");
    trig_1 waittill("trigger", player);
    IPrintLn("Button found!"); // Not Needed

    //level.buttonFound++; ?

    player SetOrigin( model_teleport_1.origin );
    //player_fudge_moveto( teleport_model_1 );
That should maybe do what you want it to do
1706 days ago
copy the gsc, gsh, and csc. And you would have to rename a bunch of variables. Then put #using in your mapname GSC and CSC. Also add them too your zone file. Its gonna take a bit of scripting knowledge to figure out and i'd prefer people to try to learn it themselves. It makes it much easier to understand treyarchs coding down the line
1707 days ago
Hey guys, today i'm gonna guide you guys through making a custom perk. You need at least a bit of scripting knowledge to do this as your perk won't actually do anything without scripting it ;)

First download my scripts here:!Rk8D2JbI!rcYRTDhkgdYxC4TJiyHZW5N5k-dBMVHU8ZjjB1QJt9c

So lets start off by copying some shit.
 - Drag and drop everything but the .txt into your mapname/scripts/zm folder.
 - Open up your mapname GSC and paste this somewhere at the top
#using scripts\zm\zm_custom_perk_shader;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_custom_perk;
- at the bottom of main() function put this
level thread custom_perk_shader::custom_perk_shaders_init();

 - Now open up your mapname CSC and paste this somewhere at the top
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_custom_perk;

 - Open up your mapname ZONE file and paste this at the bottom
// custom perk shader script by Matarra
// custom perk
xmodel,kh_elemental_nade_vending // CHANGE THESE TO YOUR VALUES - XMODEL NAME FOR YOUR MACHINE

 - Now in Radiant, copy quick revive and stamp the prefab. Delete everything but the struct at the bottom.
 - Change these KVP's
"specialty_customperk", "script_noteworthy"
"your xmodel name for perk machine", "model"

Now lets move on to APE, we'll save scripting for last
 - Make a material and call it something you'll remember, this will be the perk shader.
 - Give this these settings

Now for the scripting part, there really isn't that much to do because i mostly did it all for you. If you want to change variable names you can, but i suggest leaving them alone and just changing whats in the gsh, and certain things like hintstrings in the gsc.
 - Open up the custom_perk.gsh and change everything to your own shit. I suggest leaving the price really low for testing.
 - Dont worry about this variable
we dont have access to treyarchs hud elements so i had to script them in manually. So just leave the value alone.
Open up the custom_perk.gsc
 - At the top add this somewhere
#precache( "material", "kh_perk_elemental_nades" ); // CHANGE THIS TO YOUR PERK SHADER
Obviously change kh_perk_elemental_shit to your own material name in APE.
 - Find this
zm_perks::register_perk_basic_info( PERK_CUSTOM_PERK, "customperk", CUSTOM_PERK_COST, "Hold [{+activate}] for Elemental-Nades [Cost: &&1]", GetWeapon( CUSTOM_PERK_BOTTLE_WEAPON ) );
change the hintstring to your perkname.
 - Find this
trigger = GetEnt("vending_customperk", "target"); // CHANGE THIS TO YOUR PERK MACHINE NAME
change "vending_customperk" to whatever you might have changed it to in the gsh.
 - Find this
trigger SetHintStringForPlayer(self, "Hold [{+activate}] for Elemental-Nades [Cost: 3000]"); // CHANGE THIS TO YOUR HINTSTRING ABOVE

and change it to your hintstring once again. This time you will need to specify the cost of it.
 - In the final function is where you will script your perk effect, the function gets called one time when the player purchases the perk.

take_custom_perk( b_pause, str_perk, str_result )
both only get threaded a single time.

So there you have it. This tutorial is probably my largest tutorial yet and might have some errors. If you guys find any let me know and i will fix them asap.

If you follow my tutorial you MUST credit me. Simply saying: "Matarra - Custom perk shader script and custom perk tutorial" will suffice
1707 days ago
This is what i used to give the player the wunderwaffe in my Minecraft map
weapon = getweapon( "tesla_gun" );
player zm_weapons::weapon_give(weapon, false, false);
1711 days ago
I was wondering if anyone had or could create a script that acts as a portal like in the map Shadows of Evil. Just a simple portal would be nice too. If the player touches it they get transported to another location. If any one could help it would be greatly appreciated  :)

function player_teleporter_init()
player_tp = GetEntArray( "teleport_player", "targetname" );
for( i = 0; i < player_tp.size; i++ )
player_tp[i] thread player_teleport();

function player_teleport()
destination = GetEnt(, "targetname" );
self waittill( "trigger", player );
player SetOrigin( destination.origin );
player SetPlayerAngles( destination.angles );

Create a trigger radius or trigger multiple then give it the KVP "teleport_player" "targetname". Now create a script origin, set its client KVP to server, and deselect it. Now select your trigger first, then your script_origin and hit w. Now you can select both and copy them as many times as you want. Changing the angle of the origin will change the player angle after tp'ing.
1713 days ago
Thanks for this! BTW loved your minecraft map, could you teach us how to make those cells some day too?

Yep, maybe at some point ill make a tutorial for them, since they are super easy to setup
1721 days ago


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