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Messages - JustForFun119

ZCTxCHAOSx's White Point Garden

UGO aka Wakka's maps; he has been making several maps on both zm and mp gamemodes

HitmanVere's map; this one's on his zombies Kill Confirmed mod too

RDV's map; this ones' testing his Maxis Drone
8 years ago
Leviathan with swimming :P
8 years ago
I'd say it is procedural because the so-call 'objects' are structures similar to C's struct.
It's just how scripting is conceptually easier to understand when we turn different game entities into some metaphors of objects.

When OOP is mentioned, some concepts such as objects, classes, inheritance, polymorphism, are expected; though it is not a part of the 'CoDScript', so I don't think it is related to OOP :)
8 years ago
I think the spawnStruct() function can be thought as a C-style structure data; even easier to use.

Code Snippet
stats = spawnStruct();
stats.boxPulls = 0;
playerVariable.statTrack = stats;
'playerVariable.boxPulls' -> 0

It is used in some _zombiemode_*.gsc scripts, a lot in Black Ops gsc.
8 years ago
Code Snippet
setTimescale( 0.5 );
8 years ago
Can anyone explain how dontInterpolate() works? I've read the Script Reference but have no idea what it says...
9 years ago
Can this song be in this map?

9 years ago
Welcome back!
I'm kind of on and off with custom zombies lately as well.
If by 'a long time' you mean a year or so, here are some maps that I REALLY loved playing:

Nacht der Untoten Reimagined,7467.0.html
What is probably scrapped at Treyarch during BO2 DLC brainstorm session.

Black Ops II Town Remake,6950.0.html
In case you want to play on WaW.

Taking Black Ops' 'Moon''s atmosphere under water.

Project Viking Beta,4778.0.html
The unofficially beta map of pretty much anything.

Zombie Cargo,5645.0.html
Really good remake.

Zombie Desert,6066.0.html
Might be your new favourite.

Hotel Version 2,6545.0.html
Gotta go for round 1337.


CPH (Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital),4330.0.html
If BO2 Zombies storyline's MotD part moved to a hospital.

Some maps with high expectations are also WIP like Oil Rig, remakes, Frostbite etc. so I am really excited to play those when they come out too!

Hope you enjoy your return here!
9 years ago
I'm anticipating a super fast-paced zombies experience from Advanced Warfare personally.
Since not only the player get to use the exo suits but the zombies as well, I would like to get a hectic gameplay and hopefully interesting map design around the advanced mechanics.
I'm even more pumped to see Treyarch's next move :P
9 years ago
 :troll: So this is the biggest troll ever?  :troll:
I really wish I could play this map  :'(
If what Gun said is true, then I wish for the best with his development on the 'engine'.
But the most important question is still 'Will this map be released at any given moment?'
10 years ago
He'd also have to modify in order to get the right side of the hud to match with the left side.
Yeah, that is still true... I'm just explaining how to modify the left side as he asked.
10 years ago
There's a way of doing and it should be easy :)

Round Indicator (Chalk Drawings)

Copy _zombiemode.gsc from the raw/maps folder to your mod folder, if you didn't have one.

In the _zombiemode.gsc, there is a 'round_start' function, and you should see two lines:
Code Snippet
level.chalk_hud1 = create_chalk_hud();
level.chalk_hud2 = create_chalk_hud( 64 );
the function - create_chalk_hud actually creates the round indicator HUD at the bottom right of the screen.
The value inside the brackets are the horizontal distance from the edge of the screen.
Therefore, 'chalk_hud1' in created on the very edge of the screen, while 'chalk_hud2' in created 64 (pixels?) from the edge.
*'chalk_hud1' is actually the first 5 chalks drawings; 'chalk_hud2' is the second 5 chalks, which all makes up to 10 chalk drawings.

If you're trying to move the chalk hud further away from the edge, just change the values inside the brackets.
e.g. I want the chalk hud to be 20 pixels further, then you'll have to change the lines of code to:
Code Snippet
level.chalk_hud1 = create_chalk_hud( 20 );
level.chalk_hud2 = create_chalk_hud( 84 );
Just remember to have the second chalk hud 64 pixels away from the first one; of course you change it on your own to your liking :)

Be careful when modifying the chalk hud because there are many function within _zombiemode.gsc that dealt with the chalk hud. Find the keyword 'chalk' in the script and modify the distance, x/y-offsets, and shader sizes; to ensure that the chalk hud looks fine in-game. Test it in-game to see if something is messed up; look into the codes to understand how it works. There are more than just 2 lines of code that handle the chalk hud.

Perks Icons (Shaders)

For the perks icons, you'll have to do similar adjustment, to the perk script.
Again, copy _zombiemode_perks.gsc to your mod folder if you didn't have one.

Find the function 'perk_hud_create', and there should be a line:
Code Snippet
hud.x = self.perk_hud.size * 30; 
This essentially aligns all perks horizontally by setting the icons to be apart, multiplying the perk's count by 30.
So, if the player buys the third perk, the icon will be created 90 pixels away from the edge of the screen.

Let's say you'd like to space out the perks as well for 20 pixels away from the edge, you can do this:
Code Snippet
hud.x = (self.perk_hud.size * 30) + 20; 
So that all of the perks' icons will be 20 pixels away as well.
*The number '30' is NOT the distance between the icons because the x-position is only a point on the screen. The shaders are actually 24x24 pixels large so the perks' icons are effectively 6 pixels apart.

Looking into other lines in that function; you can modify anything about the perks' shaders.
You can change it's y-position, alpha, even shader size, that is just mentioned. Be careful while modifying the shader' size because it correlates with the distance between icons, so you'll have to adjust 2 values.

Looking into _zombiemode.gsc and _zombiemode_perks.gsc gives you a lot of idea, of how the game works :D
Hope this works.
10 years ago
I once thought about healing/no generation-type health system back in the older FPS. However, I just went through the DVARs in CoD5's engine and there's one DVAR called 'scr_player_healthregentime' which is set to 5 by default. it should be the time before health regenerates and after taking damage. Besides, there are scripts which also manages players' health regeneration too but I haven't dive in too deep yet......
It'd be very interesting to recreate this type of health system, to shape different gameplay and playstyle.
10 years ago
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