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So the point of this post was to...?
1286 days ago
it won't let me play where's the play button
You may need to go into UGX Mod Options and set the Weapon Bob/Sway to "ON" for the map to be playable.
1334 days ago
Nice! Nuketown got an UPGRADE
1345 days ago
I'll give it a go.
1345 days ago
This map by far has to be the best release of 2k16 so far! Great job on the release.
1372 days ago
Interesting release hope the bugs get fixed soon
1385 days ago
Good looking map
1385 days ago
Must try  :rainbow:
1388 days ago
So... is it safe to play?
1388 days ago
Help, my game can't load the map into "Solo". I really wanted to try this map.
1390 days ago
I always new this could be potentially a zombies type map, great job on the release can't wait to give it a go.
1424 days ago
open up the console with ` and type r_flamefx_enable 0 and it will fix it
Thanks Dust it worked!
1434 days ago
I came across a bug in the game which carrys over to all the maps i play its the fire burning effect from the napalm zombie and it wont go away even after restarting the game/or pc please help.
1434 days ago
Lol when haters become public  :troll:
1474 days ago
Wow super DOPE! release man can't wait to play it
1492 days ago


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