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cant you also do this with any other model?
Yes technically you can but don't see why you should unless you want players to look at something important
2397 days ago
sorry havent got around to playing tank yard yet but what do you mean by "objective-style wall weapons"?
Like in campaign, there are objectives that glow gold. This tut makes wall weapons do that instead of the iconic chalk. There's a picture in the tutorial!
2397 days ago

I will show you how to make the special objective-style wall buys like you've seen in Tank Yard without asset manager.

(obviously) Your mod tools

The following steps will take you through Notepad++ and Radiant.

STEP 1: Notepad++
Locate your weapon's world model in your root/raw/xmodel folder. For this tutorial, I will be using the MP40.

Make a copy of the xmodel file and rename it to whatever you want (I suggest just adding "_obj" for objective.)
EXAMPLE: weapon_zombie_mp40_smg_obj

If you've installed Notepad++ correctly, you can open the file by right-clicking and clicking on "Edit with Notepad++."

You should see this:

Now replace each of the "mtl_"... whatever your weapon is... with "mtl_weapon_explosives_obj" like so:

Press Ctrl+S to save the file.

Now if you want to see what it will look like in game (non-animated), open it up in Asset Viewer and look for your file for a quick preview.

STEP 5: Radiant
The wall buy is the same as any of the wallbuys in the past with an extra step.
I assume all of you know how to setup weapon wallbuys.
In this case, however, I will use the prefab for the MP40 wallbuy.
I have stamped the prefab and deleted the chalk.
I've also deleted unneeded kvps that have to deal with the chalk.

Select the script_model and press the Spacebar to make a copy.

Move it so the copy and the script_model are in the same position.

If not already shown, press the "N" key to show your entity KVPs.

Rename the classname KVP to "misc_model" and delete the targetname and target KVPs.

Click on the model KVP and you will see the "..." appear. Click that and look for your "weapon_..._obj."

Be aware that the "_obj" model is invisible because for some reason Radiant makes it that way.

Now save your map, compile, and test it out :)

This tutorial was originally requested by fatboypro.
2397 days ago
i think JoshTheZombieBoy caan be deleted from the credits because the script is made by Bam/jei

Yes, that is true. Thanks for pointing that out.
2399 days ago
I couldnt buy Mulekick, for some reason. And tanks belts were moving, even though tanks were not. Pretty good map still, but I didnt like the laser weapons, were annoying imo

There's a 4 perk limit. And yeah I wanted areas with different tanks, but the japanese ones had moving treads, so I guess I was too lazy to change it. Laser weapons were just one unique thing I wanted to have: powerful, no need to reload, but overheats over time.

Nice job on the weapons got to round 13 first try. Only problem is when I was at my last clip of the M16 it turned into a single shot weapon which in turned lead to my demise.  :'(
Nice little map though like the concept of a Tank Yard map. cx

Not sure how to fix that, I think it's a bug in the engine.

Thanks all for the replies and opinions.
2404 days ago
Looks good from the pictures for a first map. May I ask why you chose to only have mule kick has the only black ops perk? Mule kick is my least favorite black ops perk, would personally have loved to see the rest

Mule kick - because a lot of weapons on this map to try, I thought it would help some players with the soul chests esp. on solo (very easy to run out of ammo when mowing down zombies while chests are collecting souls).

PHD - annoyed by the falls, yet? That was the intention, so there is a penalty for falling down into the lab area.

Deadshot - useless for now (only switches on lasers, does nothing else, and I don't know the scripts for improving hipfire)

Stamin-up - would make running around the map a whole lot easier. Again, that was my intention.

Besides, the 4 perks you'll ever need are the 4 original, and is my favorite combination of perks. The Mule Kick was added if co-op players wanted more guns instead of quick revive (selfish indeed).
Oh, I did forget to mention in the OP, there is a 4 perk limit anyway.
2405 days ago
via Mediafire

Hi, I am uploading my first official custom zombies map: Tank Yard.

Our heroes time-travel again and are trapped in a tank graveyard. Or is it? They uncover a secret abandoned German lab. Help our heroes escape with the German experimental tank hidden within the lab.

This map is medium to large map, with a mixture of small to medium-sized rooms/areas. Limited zombie-train areas. Tight paths.

- Mix of weapons from COD4, WAW, MW2, BO, MW3, BO2, 2 Ghost guns, and other custom guns
- Custom starting weapon
- Special "laser" wall weapons
- Soul chests with a reward that's not a Ray Gun
- COD4 Knife animation and COD4 gun flash fx (for those tired of seeing WAW flash fx like me :) ) + custom PAP flash fx
- Perks:
  > Quick Revive (both BO solo ver. and co-op ver)
  > Speed Cola
  > Juggernog
  > Double Tap Root Beer II (Increased fire rate and double damage)
  > Mule Kick
- 4 perk limit
- Buildable, buyable ending
- Oh yeah, no dogs

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Have fun and tell me what you guys think of the map!
IMPORTANT: If playing on solo, restart the level after loading. For some reason, the map freezes for about a second when you start and the map will play with no character voiceovers, but if you restart it, it doesn't freeze and it works. Weird :P

bamskater33 - BO perks
tito, susel, sanya, zombie madness, MrMELUSIN, koene007 - weapons (cfgfactory)
ConvictioNDR - double tap 2.0 script
JR-Imagine - custom HUD
DuaLVII, IVIr_Gadd - buildable, buyable ending
Mrhankey91 - zombie counter script
YaPh1l - idk a lot of stuff lol
ZOMB1E-KLLR - beginner mapper's tutorials on youtube
ADDICTED - his over-fx-limit tutorial
Paragalor - cod4 guns tutorial
holty007 - end game camera tutorial
BluntStuffy - soul chests
Sorry if I missed you in these credits!
2406 days ago
I need to know what you guys are opening with it because I am not experiencing these issues - which is why I released the update. I can open a file, change its settings, and save it again - the hidetagas and notetracks stay in-tact.

Here's a Thompson Bigammo weapon file opened in notepad++

After dragging it to WeaponsEditor++, here are the hideTags. As shown here, some hideTags are missing.

They are moved here now, and notice the extra "notetrackSoundMap" line in there. There will be two of those lines in the file if you save it like that.

I think the error lies in the formatting of the file. If you take a look in the original weapon file, the second tag is on the next line. I don't think this error occurs if you organize the tags by using spaces and not pressing Enter on the keyboard to separate tags line by line. So what I think the program is doing is that it doesn't see "notetrackSoundMap" after the first line of "hideTags" so it assumes the weapon file does not have the notetrackSoundMap in it. Therefore, it adds that extra line in there.

Hope this clears up the error.
2514 days ago
v0.9.8 is released. Those of you running older versions should get an update notification. The link in the OP has been updated to the latest version.

  • v0.9.8:
     - Hopefully fixed the bug where the program saved "notetrackSoundMap" at the end of the hideTags, causing Launcher to complain about exceeding 8 > 8 hidetags and breaking the noterack sounds ingame.
     - Fixed possible unhandled exception when loading a weaponFile which has no hideTags line: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Length cannot be less than zero.
     - Added "turret" to weaponClass list.

I think this "fix" made the notetrackSoundMap thing worse. It's pretty much unusable at the moment because this happens even when I just load the weapon file and not saving it. Weapon ingame has all attachments, when normally I hideTags. It seems the tags all move to the notetrackSoundMap box. And sounds disappear too.
So please change back or maybe reupload the previous version (I overwrited it when downloading).

2514 days ago


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