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Thank you for the answer harry didn't know they dont support any anims and not the same guy from discord :P
1318 days ago
Waw weapons?
i only seen him do bo1. im really retarded so i have no idea how to use a different program cause wraith dont work for waw i need a step by step tutorial :D
1319 days ago
So i have been trying to figure out how to port waw weapons to bo3 but i just can't do it! Is there a tutorial video or something i can't find help anywhere!
1319 days ago
Is there a way to get the kino der toten zombie model texture for my bo3 map?
i'm making a ww2 map and the nazi zombies would fit my map perfectly.
so if someone could link me a tutorial , a download if somebody has done it already or just tell me how i to do it.
1320 days ago
So i am having a weird problem i have a few ported weapons and i only get sound in one of them m1911 from aw made by elricos i also have ak47 made by him but i dont get the sound. so i started testing things and i deleted text from my user_aliases and i still have the m1911 sound so how do i find out what file my map is using to get the sound or something like that cause it sure isn't user_aliases.
(sorry for bad english)

Double Post Merge: February 02, 2017, 04:22:15 pm
Ok i just got it fixed not sure how..
1326 days ago
Wow that was easy :D
Thank you!
1328 days ago
So i was wondering how do i make mystery box start location random like in kino der toten.
btw im using box location prefabs from Black ops 3 modtools wiki.
1328 days ago
Why does everyone only port shit weapons :( ww2 weapons would be so fucking nice..
1330 days ago
1347 days ago
The first "door" in my map is debris and there's 2 of them both fly up when you buy one of them but the problem is i cant buy from the 2nd debris only the 1st and it works and also the text saying "buy debris 750" stays in the location of the 2nd debris
anyone know a fix?
also do i have to put enter_test_zone to both debris they open the door to same zone?
help is appreciated
(sorry for bad english)
1348 days ago
I had a problem few days ago zombies weren't spawning and i read somewhere that they stop spawning if you delete the flying zombie model. So to fix it make a new map copy the zombie model and it should work if you have the same problem.
1348 days ago
so yeah i have downloaded a custom weapon and done all the scripting needed but now where do i place the weapon files?
1420 days ago
How do you put dlc guns in the box??
1423 days ago
Is there any custom weapons that i can download and put in my map out yet? Im dying i really f*cking hate the black ops 3 guns and i dont have time to learn porting .
1423 days ago
So where do i put my custom weapon files?
1424 days ago


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