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Messages - novadex

 Currently im using tag_origin on a script model to spawn  the fx, but  the fx default spawn angle is (0.0.0). I need the fx to be rotated 90 degrees.

 How do i ,.. can i, include angle to the code?
6 years ago
 Another thing ive noticed after playing with these guys further is their teleportation function is not limted to a player volume ( teleporting outside zones and even though monster clipping ). stairs and floors/levels they can even temporally teleport  in the air, skipping past traversals and nodes.

 I really think these guys are valuable, this is a really good idea, nice work, and thanks for looking into fixing them up. 

6 years ago
 This is really cool, but in testing i found it messes up Dog rounds. Some dogs become zombies walking backwards on all fours. lol
6 years ago
"Yes, here is how:
Go to root/usermaps/yourmapname/sound/zoneconfig and open zm_yourmapname.szc

         : "ALIAS",
     "Name" : "YOURROUNDSOUNDS",
    "Filename" : "YOURROUNDSOUNDS.csv",
    "Specs" : [ ]
Thanks Zombiekid164
7 years ago
how do you make this map specific? seems all my custom maps are playing the same sounds, isn't there a sound/map name/zone cfg szc line to add so they dont all take from the same file?
7 years ago
well hey.....thanks much!

I guess i should of searched vox not voice now i know ;)
7 years ago
where can i find how to get the 4 main character talking?
none of the "fix all sounds" tuts i have found addressed the voices, just perks and guns.

 :'( pls help me out
7 years ago
t4m? if so it didn't say on the og post

crashing on launch
7 years ago
 or try this
Highlight machine, right click and  enter prefab  (mule, stam, cherry etc) highlight each light on the machine, press n then delete the "exploder_count" , now set the desired lightstate, right click and save prefab.. now they work, no download needed.
8 years ago
coop stuck on loading screen shows ready after sync and u can hear the map start.
8 years ago
Awesome map!... just incredible!...Great job!

i activated all the panels with green lights and got the message the plane was activated, but for some reason even though the sync plane message disappeared on the plane i couldn't climb on it and fly to victory :-\ really enjoyed the earlier steps of this map though and the little stand off with the boss in the lower part of the map pend in by fire.
any ideas anyone?
8 years ago
I played this earlier and it's without doubt the most detailed map I've ever seen in WAW - including official maps - Izartax is on another level, and the guns and scripting are top notch too (what else would you expect from RDV and Tito), think Verruckt + MOTD, you guys are in for a real treat when this drops. :rainbow:
i play your maps Stevie ( huge fan of the zombies u create... they my file "best maps" waw. file save )... this just has that stock bring it to the max... day old engine yet we gonna show the" serious" more than "Sam" creators do..make out a old engine with gifted detail and script maxed up  ;D...u Steve group up with this kinda of gifted men u guys can start a new game all together..for u to say this is good ass shlip says i wanna play it  20 fold..cheers RDV and Tito seriously ...what youve done with engine is really mind blowing.. activation and tryarch don't even do what u guys are able... good work!
8 years ago

WOW really freakin nice work :o
8 years ago
Nice looking map, great feel and atmosphere.

A few bugs found:
- 2 player Coop zombie counter not working, stuck on either 1 or 28 zombies whole game/games (played 4 times with same problem reoccurring)
- stamina area stuck player on top of perk machine.
- coming out of trench and just over ramp, stuck player on blue canvas tarp wall.
- power lever still flips back and forth after power is on and shows trigger "f for power"

In the bo2 pap machine area, that big door on the cliff, we hear voices from a crowd of undead or something...does that ever open?

Nice work fun map, reminds me of seelow (birds, flowers, frogs and cricket sounds)
8 years ago
Very nice map, great job, I loved it!

look forward to seeing more from ya...cheers!
8 years ago
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