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Nice map i like it :D
2271 days ago
this happens when riding the train and you go down, it happens if you go down on the train in solo and happens in coop if all players on the train go down so even though you got the error you both died anyway, Im not sure how to fix, ive given up trying because I ended up getting an error that will not go away and im not sure what caused it, even changing everything back to the way it was didn't work

okay thank you for the quick reply  :D

but next time we go by train we murder the flame zombie then the error is no longer :troll:
2534 days ago
I got this error when I was with a friend on the train and we bumped into flames zombie

2535 days ago
i found a glitch with my friend on the floor off a building in the new map got some screenshot  :poker:

There is no invisible wall on the green blocks

2658 days ago
looks nice if your need beta tester ask me :D
2666 days ago
RIP Yoteslaya
2754 days ago
thnx im now gonne test it ^^
3023 days ago
Dont stop love your work  <3
3032 days ago
coooooooooooooooooooooooooool :lol:
3056 days ago
nicz work really :D
3075 days ago
i have it ^^!!!!!
3101 days ago
6 hours and i have it :D
3102 days ago
Nicz i wand the V1.1
3103 days ago


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