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Should I just drag/drop the mod tools back into the root folder again so it overwrites the old files cause I did put the prototype scripts in my root folder that's when I started getting errors....
1795 days ago
Thanks. :) I prefer to add bits of detail as I go along rather than mapping the outline and then adding it (which is how most people do it I guess), otherwise I just end up getting bored :P

Nah I'm the same as you man id rather detail it so I don't have to come back to that area haha. I get bored too if I don't detail as I go.

1795 days ago
That's pretty detailed for starting yesterday haha

Good job man!
1795 days ago
Is there a way to remove the mod tools and all its assets without uninstalling the game?

Cause I'm not able to play my maps I create without an error always popping up
1795 days ago
is missing the parenthesis maybe?

But how would this error come up for every map I create?
1795 days ago
I've used both ugx old and new script placer and still get this error

Any help?

This happens to EVERY MAP I create
1795 days ago
Anyone wanna help me out with moon style doors that open and close then you walk through them?

1796 days ago
Alright thanks, also ive been adding volumes to an older map and the problem is you can only make a squar ebox or rectangle out of the volume. what is my map looks like this?

Just copy the volume and make it fit and name it the same as the one that it's connected too.
1796 days ago
Where ever you want zombies to go they need path nodes so yes you will need to node the stairs. It depends on how big the stairs are to figure out the gap between each one

I can't help with the elevator cause I can't  script haha
1796 days ago
ok, so try the one before

I thought 2.0 was only for UGX mod maps, theres another version, thats the one i use. V1. something

I'll give that a go after work. Thanks

Double Post Merge: May 04, 2015, 11:40:26 am
here is my error even with ugx's old script placer as well

1796 days ago
That's what I mean! I used UGX script placer v2
1796 days ago
For a non ugx map? Lol really?
1796 days ago
Hey every time I make a non ugx map with the script placer v2 it works fine but when I load the map up it say missing ugx_loadscreen_template.iwi.

I did put that iwi in raw/images and I get a "unknown function" error then....

That's for every map I make and sometimes it comes up with an error like "unknown function" after the map try's to load

I need help to fix this any guesses?

1796 days ago
Hey I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to make a prototype script map so I can use zct mod 2

I tried using mr hankey app but I just keep getting an error.

Anyone know a script placer for prototype maps?

1806 days ago
Sector S-17

Sector S-17 is set in a Tesla Facility in the year 2036. This will be a detailed survival map with some special type of way of getting down the hallway

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.


- UGX Mod v1.0.4
- Deposit points to go towards opening a door (Thanks to thezombiekilla6)
- More to come

Please let me know how it looks

1807 days ago


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