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You are one beautiful man with one very beautiful map.
1374 days ago
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Since finishing Stranger Things I can't get enough  :P
1433 days ago
Absolutely fantastic. Chillingly beautiful, atmospheric and fun. C'est parfait, merci beaucoup!
1483 days ago
So I had a few weapon chalks that I made a while back and rather than leaving them to collect dust, I thought that others might need/want them. I also made a few more 'newer' ones, somewhat inspired by the Black Ops 3 way that they're done.




[SPAS 12]




I'd like to know what you guys think. I only made a few as I don't see the point if nobody's interested, but if you are and there are any specific ones that anyone wants, don't hesitate to PM me (preferably the newer style). 

1500 days ago
Really nice work. I think the first sound was the best, however I think you could lose the bell sound, it takes away from the coolness of it.
1561 days ago
1. TMG Castle
2. Leviathan
3. Farm Swamp
4. Dead Ship

Honourable mentions: Last Stand Christmas, Lockdown, TMG Skyland [Beta] & Penguin
1625 days ago
Absolutely stunning work. This is going to be one of those maps where I just stand around and admire the scenery. The level of polish on the mod looks top notch too, it hardly feels like World at War at all. Keep it up!

One question; are Funf and Der Berg separate maps, or are they part of one another, or what's the story?
1732 days ago
Have you heard of Post-Rock? It's one of my favourite genres of music.I've posted some before if you want to check back. I'll let it do the talking.

If you or any would like any recommendations as far as bands/songs go, I'm your man.
1757 days ago
Looks awesome. I love seeing people modify existing guns so that they look/feel different. Great work.
1764 days ago
Into cutscene maybe? Looks really sexy either way!
1768 days ago
Looking very nice dude. Can't wait to see how this plays, sounds and feels.
1781 days ago
Looks epic man keep up the great work! Definitely keep the lens flares, they make the map look more modern and less like it's from WaW. This is going to be a blast!
1805 days ago
You should also check out BlackJackJonnyy on youtube, all of his vids are really good for mapping in general.

His channel:
1809 days ago


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