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1 mate, he hasn't released lockdown yet

which map? :D  8)
1892 days ago
wow very great! mustang and sally works also? :P
the first map with black ops 1 mod... awesome
1892 days ago
this map have critical and terrible bugs!  :-\

1. Coop Player die out, he start without any weapon!
2. Juggernog Bug - 2 hits down! max 3 hits.

and more
i hope u fix that
2114 days ago
joined too! :D
2121 days ago

hier noch einer der gerne möchte....
Steam: x_nebuz
xbox: x NebUz
Tunngle: xNebUz

mit welchen prog spielste?

2123 days ago
i hope also ugx mod 1.1 have function when receiving a player switch to the weapon and firing from the hip when helping a player. I think the animation duel wield the ugx mod is much better.
2124 days ago
awesome! We want real Mustang & Sally from BO1 with PHD  ;)
2124 days ago


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