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Messages - XEcW22

Hi Str1k3r,

I had that problem before and for some reasons I fixed it by changing my decimal from  ,  to  .
and after that I re-compile my map with (compile, light, link).

The Error is gone from the console list in launcher and the weapon sounds etc are working then.

How to fix it:

Go to:
Code Snippet
 Control panel > Clock, language and region  > country and language > more settings... >  ...
Go to:
Code Snippet
 Control panel > country and language > more settings... > ...

change: Decimal sign 
Code Snippet
Code Snippet

(Image removed from quote.)

some people was talking about this and later I have it tried out and for me it works  :)

I hope that this will help you ;)

best regards,
mine is a period and i still cant fix this PLEASE HELP! lol
7 years ago
Damn this looks nice, good work ;)
8 years ago
Cool map bro....Like the Venom Black Metal m8
8 years ago
Cool little script, thanks for release :D
8 years ago
 :rainbow: :rainbow: this looks amazing! thanks for release :D
8 years ago
No offense get off my back ok. i clicked request beta access and i said something about hitting me up for one. i dont see a problem and you guys need to stay off my back bout it. ban or suspend me if u must but tell me why there is a "request beta access"
Did you really tell him to get off your back? You have been spamming across multiple topics request for beta which is against the form rules. If a fucking administrator tells you to stop breaking the rules, don't tell him to "Get off my back"....stop breaking the rules! If you have a problem with Harry which has ton a ton for this community, or the rules OR the Request Beta Access button, don't get pissy and tell him to "Get off my back" PM a Administer about it or just follow the rules dude  :P
8 years ago
Not sure if this has been mentioned but if your teammates are stuck on the "move your mouse" screen just type pause in the console then press enter to resume game, this worked for me on another map.
download 2.1, it fixes this issue.
8 years ago
Hankeys is just a bare-bones, nothing but stock script placer. UGX offers quite a bit more like weather FX, UGX mod 1.0, Menu buttons and pictures, etc. SPZ has Harry Bo21's Perks, Zombie Counter, Main Menu things, Starting text, etc. So if you want to customize everything or quite a bit choose Hankeys UGX. But for already packed with features pick SPZ.
8 years ago
Looks good so far man, keep it up, I will be following this map. :)
Thanks man :D
8 years ago
Hey Guys some personal family stuff has come up and I probably won't be back on my computer for about a month or two. After that I will be back and working hard on this map ;)

Hey guys, today im going to be showing off my W.I.P map Camp Vollmantelgeschoss (Full Metal Jacket). I had another map going with this same idea, but really wasn't loving it so i just deleted it and started from scratch. I only really started mapping 5 or so days ago band im really liking the feel from it so far so decided to post a W.I.P :P. So far i only have about half the map actually done very basically and no weapons or scripting done, but I know exactly where im headed for the other 8 or so rooms im going to be mapping out and how im doing the EE. Plus NateSmithZombies will be helping me out so that will be even better :D.

Pics so Far
Spoiler: click to open...

The story for this map is :
Spoiler: click to open...
You are a German scientist (Edward Richtofen) going to check up on you newest test facility Camp Vollmantelgeschoss (Full Metal Jacket) with Dr. Maxes. The purpose of this facility was to test the effects of Element 115 on test subjects, after the success of the Mexican test subject and multiple other successes on various other test subjects. When you arrive all is well, tests are going as planned and data is being collected like there is no tomorrow, accept things probably would have been better if there WAS no tomorrow. During the middle of the night a researcher who was looking to start a research group of his own, took as much data and research documents as possible and let all the test subjects loose to cover his tracks. After possily the longest night of your life you are over joyed to see 3 solders sent in to research the camp arrive. They are Corporal "Tank" Dempsey, Sergeant Nikolai Belinski, and Captain Takeo Masaki. Together they must find a way to stop the 115 resignation machine that is sending 115 throughout the facility and bring this whole nightmare to an end.

So far for this map i have the following features planned:
  • A Major EE including a big Generator and some buried cipher text
  • Harry Bo21's BO2 mod If his computer doesn't derp and wipe everything again lol, Or just some ported BO1 - BO2 Gun's
  • A ton of rooms, including a massive underground area
And More to Come :D

Again, I have Nate and a full plan of what i want to do, but I have little scripting experience. I plan/hope for this to release before the BO3 mod tools hit. No date Confirmed though.
Will keep you updated ;)
In game images coming within a week or so  :P
EDIT: well I guess BO3 mod tools closed alpha is going down in march, so for the before BO3 mod tools date, that is pretty much gone. I will try for mid April to early June but that's just a guess and not official at all ;).
8 years ago
looks like fun, gonna have to give this a go. Thanks for upload :P
8 years ago
There is no play button on the load screen please help?
Do you have V 2.1, the latest version?
8 years ago
Well, You fixed the menu bug, but now theres clipping errors left of every wallbuy & Grabbing zombies.
Well Weapon clippings were for sure on the map before because I lost the .map file, so it is exactly what is was in 2.0. For the zombie grabbing, I'm 99% sure that grabbing in there before, but don't I don't quite remember. If its really a pain I would gladly do an update and change some other things and maybe remap it to add a buy-able ending. :P
8 years ago
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