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Messages - chromastone10

I think they removed this in world at war because you could buy the perk and before your points were taken you could walk over and purchase something else for example an electric trap then have your points taken from buying the perk and go into negative points, example being on verrukt you could have 2000 points exactly, buy double tap then quickly go purchase the electric trap and then have your 2000 taken from buying double tap to get into the negative points
7 years ago
Hopefully people like this one better. Spent 2 weeks on it.

7 years ago

Thanks man! That means a lot. I'm glad you like my work.

So after lots of testing I received some good feedback. Most all was positive but I did notice people wanting more, which is fine. So I've been working overtime on creating some crazy new side quests and fun Easter egg stuff. That being said I just can't see a "before Christmas release" happening. I know that's what I said but now I'm looking at a release before New Years Eve. I hope I can meet this deadline. Again I'm sorry but I hope you can all understand the craziness of Christmas time.

7 years ago
7 years ago
anyone know how to download this map? i just bought WaW to play custom zombies but i cant even figure out how to download the map :(

click the big download button, its under the screenshots on the first page
7 years ago
just a heads up the un-pack a punched mauser doesnt have the silencer on it, I recommend hiding the silencer tag

7 years ago
box zombies? not sure why its like that, maybe missing assets? Do you have the 46gb asset update to the tools? Though those box zombies could fit with all the box maps on the steam workshop
7 years ago
now maybe we can get the perk on models and sounds actually working lmao
7 years ago
People want more Kinos.

some ideas

Kino: Prehistoric

Kino: Moon Station

Kino: Wild West

Kino: 80s

Kino: WW1

Kino: Underwater

Kino: Ice Base

Kino: The Jungle

Kino: Egypt

Kino: Urban

Kino: Airbase
7 years ago
couple of changes in layout, but nothing like revelations, mostly original with some new ways of getting about quicker

Double Post Merge: September 28, 2016, 05:53:25 pm
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hot dang that looks sexy
7 years ago
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