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hey when i download tm4 it downloads as an internet explore thing... and it wont work... wat do i do   :'( :-\
1195 days ago
Why tm4... I cant even figure out how to install it...

I've tried but it downloads as a internet explorer thing that doesn't do anythingto :alone: :(
1229 days ago
 So i was playing the map and i ran to get the death machine and i went down, i wasn't mad but I notice instead of being down with the handgun I was still able to use the death machine while I was down :P
1249 days ago
the map itself is pretty good but there are alot of gliches, the revive glich ( it ends game when i down even when i have QR ), and also the death machine glich is still there along with a glitch when i down instantly with jugg... plz fix and i will redownload map 
1250 days ago
ok so theres hello kitty but no my little pony?  ???
1257 days ago
hey it downloads as a internet thing and it doesnt work for me ' :alone:  :'(
1277 days ago


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