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Hey guys,
I am working on an Orignis styled map since some months now and I decided to port over some models from BO2. Unfortuanally I have some issues with them. I've ported them with Wraith and converted them with AssMan to WaW and everything worked fine. But when I look at them ingame they don't work with the light correctly. Maybe I did a mistake while converting and I hope one of u guys know how to fix it.

The model gets fully lights out and the light don't fade on the model.

It happens to all of my ported models like these sandbags.

Model settings

Material settings

In Radiant I set up my worldspawn corecctly, the sun is working. I placed the lightgrid and lightgrid sky volumes, I placed a skybox model and reflection probes and the map is fully surrounded by a caulk box with a sky texture. I switched the ported models to stock WaW models and it works fine, so I think it is a problem with the converted models. Any help or advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
357 days ago
This one looks really good and I enjoyed playing it. Besides of some small things you did great work
Keep it up! :)
522 days ago
1. Yes, there are soundaliases for the characters (they can be found online). It is also possible to add custom models/images for the characters.

2. Only assets from The Giant and Shadows of Evil are available by default. Along with few exceptions such as raygun mark 3 with scripts/models, thundergun and some DLC weapons. All supply drop weapons can be ported from MP with Wraith without owning the weapons, but zombie DLC assets are not available unless you buy the DLC and port them yourself.

3. The only one I know is the FX limit, which is 800. But the limits are much higher that what WaW has (even t4m WaW)

Thank you for the answers :)
But I can also use all models from the default multiplayer maps, right?
620 days ago

At the moment I do not have the possibility to use the BO3 modtools, but for some time now I am planning a bigger project, which I want to realize sometime in the future. In addition of this I have a few questions about some things I'm not sure if they are possible.

1.) Is it possible to replace every quote from the characters, so I can make complete custom characters?
2.) Are there all assets from the DLC's (models, sounds,...) available to use?
3.) Does anyone have a list or something else with the engine limits like max. sounds, images, materials and so on?

Thanks. :)
623 days ago
 //add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone",      "zone_2",   "enter_zone_1" ); 

Should be
 add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone",      "zone_2",   "enter_zone_1" ); 
724 days ago
Worldmodels should work now. :)
832 days ago
Looks pretty good ;)
It's nice to see World at War maps still being made, especially ones that look half decent.
Keen to see more.
Thank you. :)
I'll post some more screenshots later on and a first look into the progress of the easter egg.


That's how I would like to integrate the "other dimensions". :)
832 days ago
Make sure that you renamed the localized or patch.ff to your mapname.
834 days ago
You said you were better at scripting than mapping.. sorry to say bud but this right here.. this looks sexy. Hope to see more! :)
Haha. Thanks :D
834 days ago
Sweet :D  This kind of atmosphere is rarely seen with custom maps.
Very Nice! you've come a long way in zombie maps haha passed me up that's for sure. Looks great.

Thank you. :)
834 days ago


Mission Briefing
The Ultimis-Crew get sent through time to defeat a nuclear fallout at a research station of Group 935
in an alternative universe. But they don't know, that the fallout has already began and the borders of the
dimensions doesn't exist anymore.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

This map is going to be a hard challenge map, but I also take care of an exciting easter egg and some other special things to make this map fun to play.
I hope that you like the project so far. Any opinions, thoughts or ideas are welcome. :)

834 days ago
Do you get any errors while building your mod?
835 days ago
Ok first

Fanmagic - structs are structs - not entities. They are not counted
Oh ok, I didn't know that.
835 days ago


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