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I need this map... soon.  :rainbow:

Great looking map. The bosses will definitely make it tough.

That's presuming my noob self will survive long enough to see them in game of course...
1667 days ago
This definitely seems like its going to be an awesome map when its done.  :rainbow:

1670 days ago
Looks great!

Lets hope it turns out well in the end. :)
1670 days ago
Wasn't expecting to see a SS13 map be being created here.

So far it looks amazing and seems to be within the theme in terms of textures.

Hopefully this turns out well in the end.
1687 days ago
I just downloaded this, the ugx installers within the .zip file.

Remember to actually check if its there before commenting thats its not people.  :poker:

Anyways, the maps looks great so far.
1730 days ago
download the latest version. is yours called "Estate of the Dead"?

Redownloaded it to make sure I had the latest version. Glitch is still there.
1772 days ago
I believe I found a glitch that nobody else has seem to found yet.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

I don't believe I'm supposed to be able to jump over that glass fence.
1773 days ago


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