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Wait so if I port a big collection of models and I no longer have any need for them and decide out of the goodness out of me heart to had them out to the community I will/could get banned?

As my experience yes, u can give out assets from other games than call of duty as i think off, or just give out images that aint converted yet.

I dont have anything against sharing assets i think its just fine and cool if people share their work.

U could wait though till an moderator or admin comes and they can check ur post maybe ur lucky idk.

Double Post Merge: February 16, 2017, 01:43:29 pm
Wait so if I port a big collection of models and I no longer have any need for them and decide out of the goodness out of me heart to had them out to the community I will/could get banned?

You can post assets on CFGFactory atleast :P
1388 days ago
This is the first weapon I have ever ported over that I have got to work (thanks to Canadianpro17th for helping me <3) so please don't be harsh  ;) .
The tutorial is down below.

1: Insert everything from the "Root" folder into your Black ops 3 root folder (Usually found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III")
2: Inside your root folder, navigate to Share/raw/sound/aliases and open up your user_aliases.csv
3: Copy and paste the text inside the user_aliases.csv found in the folder provided into your user_aliases inside the aliases folder.
4: Go onto your launcher and right click on the map you want to use the weapon on and click "Edit zone file".
5: Copy and paste the text below into your zone file

// SpSSdy's Guns

6: Compile and link your map and the gun will be in the map!


Just a little reminder, if i do remember i guess im correct but you should not share assets on UGX, it could result in a ban, not on first time but if you do it 2-3 times equals ban.

I published a asset to sometime back in the days and i got a warning.
1388 days ago
I just compiled and built my mod and then the uber sounds for my upgraded guns stopped working just suddenly, and now i dont know whats going on, ive checked my sound aliases and that stuff well i aint got a clue right now, because when something did work and suddenly just stops working, then i dont really know what it could be.
1391 days ago
Thank you very much. :)
Do you know how to solve this?
(Image removed from quote.)
I could export from maya, but there is only one material. :(

in maya preferences you have to change the directional setting when u load something into maya :P

either Z or Y, one of them would make the models stand 90 degrees
1391 days ago
sigh just add the key on ur steam and ur good to go, changing game locations dosent allow u to download mod tools, steam needs a confirmation that you do own the game.
So in your way u could just pirate it and change game loc for steam and then download mod tools, not how it works professor.
1400 days ago
Looking good, continue on the work on it and make a release sometime, waw aint dead yet
1435 days ago
its called people with a huge imagination :P
Some people imagine creative things, those people are called creative people.
Other people have an imagination of different things, creative, or other kind of minds, you get the point.

And then inspiration comes in from other people or images, or real vision in the real world.

That's how you do it  ;)       

I also guess most of the people on this forum have played with a lot of LEGO, did that myself and made the hugest things u ever can imagine :P after that i made those creations my brother came by and crushed it
1435 days ago
Some pics would be nice to see, also more people would come watch your post then
1455 days ago
Ok. Thank you.

Did the bo3 disc version work on steam for product activation ?
1455 days ago
Seems like ur using a pirated version, not good.

Pirated Version and if u want to join people you both have to use TUNNGLE.

And join a CoD WaW Lan party, its a private network software, for either cracked games or if u dont want to forward anything
1455 days ago
As i  know you need the steam version.
But many games that you buy on disc, you can actually activate it on steam, not all games but most.
I bought the Thief game and watchdogs and eurotruck sim 2 on disc and i activated them all on my steam application
1455 days ago
On your modbuilder at fastfile mod.csv do you have any '' of those ?

If not im not really sure, something ive never being having issues with.

U can try copy one other file and paste it and then rename it to that soundalias file name and then copy paste the code inside it and see if that works.
But it dosent make any sense
1458 days ago
Inside your alias file you have being using this on an alias name ' '       share the code or a picture here.
It says u have being using them in the error that ur showing in ur post so should be easy to fix.
Just with a little time of reading
1459 days ago

And i can make it as a loop out of that or what ?
because i cant figure out how to do it

Double Post Merge: August 26, 2016, 11:50:37 am

I know how to make those half ones and make them go higher but it will not be a cylinder by doing that
1562 days ago
Im making 2 maps currently and i putted my other map in wait to make this map so this will be the first release of a map this time, ive made a map before thats out called No Way Out but i wanted to relase one more map but this is not done but hope you peeps will be looking forward to it.

I do not know what the map will be called yet but myself im looking forward to this.

I still have to do alot to this and much will be changed aswell and i need to work alot more on it but i think it looks good till now
1562 days ago


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