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I play like I want.
It's sure, play a zombie with mode invincible, it destroys the sense of the game. But I take no pleasure to die very quickly on this map with the zombies that run super fast...

If Treyarch used this animation zombies only for, example when you're on the tank of Origins, it's not for nothing.
I'm sure it should not be difficult to remove the animation of the map, but hey, nobody seems to want to help me, thank you!
1950 days ago
Never mind, i would play with invincibility
1950 days ago
So... How can someone remove this animation to make the map easier? I would really enjoy this map but too difficult ... 
1951 days ago
What map they run like that?
1951 days ago
You're sure ? Because it really looks like the animation of infected zombies in Advanced Warfare ...
1951 days ago
It is possible to remove the animation of zombies that runs fast (which comes from Advanced Warfare)? I know the difficulty is to honor the mission of MW2, but I would like to take the map without too much hassle and die quickly ...
1951 days ago
It's really a good map but the problem is that the zombies when they strike they hang and it is very annoying especially for turning ...
2044 days ago


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