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Well, that took longer than it should've :P . Dunno if it counts for much at this point, but here it is anyways! Round 29 went on for a really long time (like, I had 5x the amount of zombies from round 28), but hey, I saw there was a first room challenge thing, and, late as I am, I wanted to finally try it out after so long. I really liked your first room design, too, it was not too intense nor too lax.

Can't wait to actually explore the rest of the map now lol.
1385 days ago

I will try and optimize my map for the next update (Which hopefully will be the last update), is anyone still interested in playing this map if I do so? We'll see when the update comes, as I also got Nuketown Remastered to work. :) I will let someone who has framerate issues test the optimization first before I release it here, so that person can tell me how well the map is optimized.

I will still be around  :). Still need to do Co-Op on this, too. Been Soloing and chilling since it came out. I'm not one of the people with FPS issues, though.
1606 days ago
    I enjoyed playing through this map and was absolutely awed by the amount of effort put into the details of the environment. The Easter Egg wasn't too easy or too challenging, and the weapons gave a nice feel and blended in perfectly to the style of the map. The Blunder and Acid Gats were also very, VERY, fun to use and felt very reminiscent of the originals. Your inspiration from Urbex, MoTD, and Verrukt all show in this wonderful mix of a map.

    Just one problem to point out, however: Brutus' health. I assume that he's meant to be a tank that can soak up a lot of bullets and that he doesn't have his Lockdown ability so his tankiness isn't overpowered, but the amount of damage you need to kill him equates to ludicrous amounts of bullets being spent solely on him instead of the zombies. This means that weapons that don't have immediate ammo refills are only used for a short time only to be swapped out for a wall gun that can keep getting restocked. His scaling is also ludicrous when you get into round 20+, which, even in solo, is a nuisance to deal with at times. I personally wish that his health would be reduced to some capacity.
1606 days ago

   So that happened. So much for dying to end the run...Ye
1606 days ago
    The Shrink Gun's ammo capacity is glorious. Period. Thank you for that beautiful addition to the map.

    Two things to note, however, one of which is the fact that I dolphin dove into a puddle and got stuck in prone and couldn't move. The puddle was located near the buildable desk with the TV on it. I did have PhD at the time, as well, if that affected anything.
    The second and final thing is really minor and just a little personal pet peeve. Why don't the Shrink Gun kills count in the kill counter? It feels kinda weird getting a game over on round 30 with only about 400 kills next to your name. Not really a big issue, though, just pointing it out :P
    Map is great, though. Would rate 31-79 JGb215/10
1607 days ago
    A really nice map that plays around with scripts in a nice, refreshing, and unique way. It gives a breath of fresh air to veteran zombies players and offers a never-before seen dynamic in the game mode. The health system causes players to be more cautious and sparing about their received hits while also giving the potential to survive more hits at one specific instance if such caution is taken.
    From what I've played of the map, there are no big noticeable problems, except maybe a part falling through the floor out of nowhere (but it respawns anyway, so it's fine). I do have one question, though. I recently did a game where I could not find the box, no matter how hard I searched. I followed the blue light, but any nearby location was not being used. Is there any way I could have some help with this problem? I was really looking forward to getting the Raygun for my run until that happened.
1609 days ago

G_Spawn? Not possible. I have gotten to round 50 with Sliquifier setup. Maybe something in settings? Whats your max corpse count set as?

Surprisingly, it was only on Tiny :P. Dunno what else could have caused the error.
1766 days ago
    Thank you so much for such a great map, Hitman! I enjoyed seeing all that time and hard work paying off in a very solid release. Ever since I got a taste of this map from Rainy Death, I just couldn't wait to see what you would have on Contamination. I was not disappointed in the slightest.
    In order to give my full opinion on this map, the post will be split between pros and cons.

    1: Bosses- Holy Canoli the custom boss zombies were great (though I have yet to figure out how to unlock the third one). The giant hammer zombie added a dynamic to constant movement in the early rounds, as his hit radius was fairly large. Combine him with the Test Subject in one round and the player has to keep track of their positions at all times before you have a chance to obtain your perks. Fortunately, they are not overpowered, with Jugg and PHD being safe counters to both, almost guaranteeing that you will not be red screened anymore.
    2: Map Design- As others have said before, there seemed to be a lot of doors to unlock before the player could do much. This was my impression at first. But as I played more of the map, I learned which doors I should open first and what all the doors lead to. Each area had its own purpose, whether it was to delay you from reaching power for another round or to hiding away another lever for PaP. I felt that no region in particular was lacking in significance. The mantle areas were a nice touch alongside the rainy atmosphere that was also present in Rainy Death.
    3: Weapons- This category is probably the most meaningful to me personally, as I find that the most fun in zombies in shooting things with shooty things. Wall weapons were well placed and spread out nicely, with a new SMG or Shotty just within reach when one needs it. The Mystery Box was not a crutch that I needed to use at the beginning, but was rather a nice convenience to have close by. A person could do the map just fine without needing that box for a while. The wonder weapons were amazing and quite enjoyable to use. The Sliquifier was not instantly obtainable, requiring the player to actively do certain steps to acquire it. It is well worth obtaining it, as it finally has a PaP version and a lot of ammo to spare.
The VR-13 had a unique effect of applying a quasi-trap where it was shot at, causing zombies to lose their heads as they passed by. It was an efficient killer, almost as efficient as the Sliquifier in some ways. The Scavenger and Mark II are basically the same as in Rainy Death, with only the PaP camos being different, yet they were still a blast to use.
    4: Map Decisions- When you started a poll on what should and should not be in the map, the decisions that were made then strengthened the map to make it what it is now. The different zombie speeds caused me to constantly gauge their pace and adjust my running path accordingly, making training and running around less uniform and more varied. The lack of a perk limit made me enjoy every effect without stressing about which ones I should buy first and last. Having all the perks made me no less of a juggernaut then would having four perks (Being Jugg, PHD, Double Tap, and Stamin Up); they just become nice little extra bonuses to your fun rampage in the map. Multiple Wonder Weapons was obviously a really great choice, as you can see in the above PRO.
    5: Easter eggs galore- The main easter egg wasn't annoying in the slightest to do, but had the right balance of steps and effort to make it enjoyable for more than one time, as I do it on almost any solo run of mine. Other minor easter eggs include things such as the upgradable C4. I cannot comment too much on this topic, however, as I have yet to find the other minor EE's in the map (wish me luck!).
    CONS/Minor Concerns (This is for Classic mode, the only mode I've done so far):
    1: Nova Crawlers- They aren't a con because of "annoying explosions and fart gas". They are a con because I feel that there may be slight problem with them. They do not constantly spawn in during the round, but they instead pile up at the start then stop spawning till the next round. You can see this in the zombie counter as the number increases at first because of them spawning. I do not know if this was intentional or not, but I thought it should be brought up.
    2: Script Errors- Oh boy, do I love this one! I know there probably isn't any way of avoiding this error or fixing it, but it still can kill the fun I was having on my solo run. In the higher rounds (for this map the 20's onward) shooting more than one Sliquifier shot at a time can risk losing the entire game. This means I can't have fun spamming the gun as I am sometimes wanting to do. I do not know if this error also is triggered by the other weapons, but I would assume C4 also can play into it, though I didn't have any placed when I got the Sliquifier error.
    3: Late Round bosses- WHERE ARE THEY? As I get past round 25, the boss spawns are far more rare and less occurring than the earlier rounds. This is akin to the Napalm's behavior back on Rainy Death, with his presence diminishing as time goes by. I will go through 5-8 rounds without seeing any boss at all except the Nova Crawlers. Again, no clue if this is intentional or not.
    4: VERY Minor Problems/Bugs- I do not screenshots for some of these, but they have happened. One such bug is perk shader errors. One time I bought Quick Revive and my HUD showed two shaders than the usual one. Another is the total lack of a shader upon drinking a perk, although the effects of the perk are, fortunately, still present. These happened when I began to get more than 4 perks, just as a note. Another minor problem was the generators and the grenades step of the EE. But, as you have stated before, a reset easily fixes this. Another problem I encountered was that at the start of the game, Quick Revive was sometimes not available to me in solo and asked that I turn on the power first, which I know is not supposed to happen. Also, if you get two explosive touch power ups within, say, ten seconds of each other, the effect timer doesn't reset, though the indicator at the bottom of the HUD does. This means that after the first one wears out, contact with zombies is normal, even though you still have the indication that you still have the power up. This may be the same for the Jugg power up as well, but I am not entirely sure. I know that all those "cons" may have seemed like a lot and was nitpicky, but I though I should just include them as things I noticed. You do not need to address these things to make the map 500 times more awesome, as it already is right now.

    Again, it is great to play such a long-awaited map while relaxing during the game. Every run so far has been fun and enjoyable, each having its own unique twist to it. I will definitely come back to play this map again as time passes by, as even solo is a blast to have.
Thank You,
1766 days ago
Question: could multiple active excavators at once be considered entities? I had two active when I got a g-spawn, and one had already breached its area, while the othere was in the process of moving to its site. Claymore stacked to 8, as well, like before. Just wondering  :-\
2062 days ago
Ok, the update is going to be a bit delayed due to some things going on in my personal life for the next few days.  Hopefully it will be done by the weekend but I wont make any promises as I don't want to disappoint people.

Also, to the people posting about G-Spawn:  Please tell me what you were doing in game when it happened, I cant fix it if people just complain that they got G-Spawn and don't give me any other information to go off of.  Its kinda starting to piss me off when all you tell me is you got G-Spawn and nothing else.  G-Spawn is caused when too many entities are spawned on the map so knowing what you were doing at the time would be REALLY HELPFUL.  (I cant stress that enough)  Also let me know if you had cheats enabled at the time of your G-Spawn because spamming scripted weapons with unlimited ammo could cause it.

I had about 8 claymores (only 8 ) on the map. After a couple of rounds, it g-spawned. I don't know if claymores would be the cause for everyone elses g-spawns, but I think it was mine, because I got to way higher rounds no problem without placing any of them. All I had to do was stop claymore stacking, those are the only extra entities I can think of that were on the map on the time of my only error. Hope this helps PieMan :)
2065 days ago
First of all, this map was and is amazing to play many times over. Massive detail and special, custom effects make this a must for any custom zombies player. I enjoy running around and looking around at the environment (and hacking everything :3). Great job and congratulations from me to the whole mapping team. Quick question, though, is there an efficient way to stop the excavators on higher rounds when waiting to get a crawler is not an option in solo? I can't outrun a full train or else they'll respawn near me and corner me, as they can be verrukt sprinters and will not give me enough time to hack the switch. I really want to high round, but I train in tunnel 6 and don't want Pi to interfere mid-round.
2067 days ago
I really, REALLY love this map, but the Soldat glitch pointed out earlier as well as the mule kick glitch kinda ruin some of the fun. Another thing you could *maybe* fix is the fact that my game crashed on round 14. Power Ups started to lose their particle effects and the guns and the gersch device possessed no effects, as well. I will come back and play this map again and again even if these can't or won't be fixed, but I just thought that you can because I want to high round on this. The overload might stop me from that and keep crashing my game :P. But HEY, well designed map with really fun weapons and perks (ammo-matic is my fav). I hope to see more from you guys in the future!
2164 days ago
One last question, Redspace. Is the Panzer supposed to die if he flies into the crane. He didn't come on round 8 because of this :P
2195 days ago

Second of all. I have finally gotten some sort of a hang for the map in original solo, so I might as well give my thoughts on it.


The map is heavily scripted, and no one can deny that fact. You did an amazing job putting the weapons and animations together, adding afterlife in, and putting in all the boss zombies. The wonder weapon variety was also good, too.  Another thing is Double Tap II. This perk makes life SO much easier with its added damage and I thank you for putting it in. The differently scripted zombies were also a great touch. Other things such as the golden shovel and the switches make the replayability levels extremely high. I also like the detail and environment found within the map. The rain and oil slicks add to the intensity of it.


I don't know if it's just me, but the Panzer Soldat's hook seems inescapable, as I tried to shoot his arm but he wouldn't let go. Second of all is the constant switch activations for multiple visits to PaP. As I would have to keep going down to the "security room" to hit the hardest switch, I would usually die because the round ends whenever I try to hold a crawler for it. I can't enjoy Pack as much as I would want, and most of my runs would end because of this. This is a huge negative due to constant reruns of the map, making me agitated at every death. I would want to go to Pack without risking my entire life for it. This is my opinion, though, and I respect your desire for a higher difficulty. I just personally think it would add to the fun factor. Sorry that this section seems so long, but this one negative keeps ruining my desire to solo run this map.

Overall, the map is solid and is amazing in the evolution of custom zombies. It's wide variety of features make it a sight to behold. Sadly, at least to me, this sightseeing usually comes to a rapid close by the clutter of zombies in the security chamber after the new round begins. I hope to enjoy this map even more, though, despite its difficulty.
2196 days ago
I had a quick question: Why do the PaP versions of the Mark II and the Acid Gat have way less ammo than the original versions? Is seems like more of a downgrade than an upgrade, as I see no changes to the weapon besides the aesthetics.
2239 days ago


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