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My mod tools forbid me to play or even mod this map anymore, if anyone can somehow fix my mod tool errors then i will gladly try and finish the map but since i have reinstalled my mod tools 3 times now and i receive the same error when i try to compile paths on any map i really cant be fucked playing guessing games all day, if someone really wanted to they could take this map and try and finish it off themselves seeing as im not going to anytime soon  if you did want to take it up send me a message and we'll go from there
sorry to let you guys down but theres not much i can do
2121 days ago
This is pretty much done now, but i don't have time for a video today i will post one tomorrow enjoy for now  :rainbow:

2359 days ago
I have updated my wip on here since some people have asked me to, all the updates are in the OP enjoy!
2396 days ago
im more than happy to leave, is there a more efficient way to leave the most ultimately gay experience?
2411 days ago
And what was the point of you posting here in the first place? To actually be helpful or to pretend you know everything?

We already fixed the anim, as stated earlier. There is an issue with the Sweeper/Withering reload but that's related to something I did, not the tanim or Maya.

I don't care whether the problem is Maya or the importer tool, I was merely suggesting the likely problem and apparently you are sensitive about that...
calm down lol i was just curious to begin with also im not pretending to know everything its what tom has told me since he was the one who created the tanim format and the xanimation exporter so i think he would know what hes talking about, besides blundergat anims are easy if you have direct xanim exporter ;)
2411 days ago
Hmm well you seem to know the problem all of a sudden, fix it then.
2412 days ago
We made our own but they obviously do not compare to the originals, because every animation is unique and every animator has his own style and perception of movement.

We were given the animations which were used in the video and will credit the rightful people when the mod is released.

Also numerous corrections had to be made to the source tanim files, such as aligning the cartridges to the loader and animating the armor for the Sweeper and V Withering.
the reason for those "mis alignments" is that maya doesnt know how to display the animation data properly but it would work in game, just maya doesnt know how to display it correctly when it is being played in maya
2412 days ago
did you make the animations yourself or did someone give you the legitimate animations ?
2414 days ago
fair enough, then can you explain to us users of how we can use wireshark to monitor the activity of toms xmodelutils so we can see for ourselves
2501 days ago
yes i read the whole topic, i personally asked him today about the xmodel utils because dave mentioned it on ZM and he told me that it only checks for updates, and nothing more, as people accussed him of that in the past, and he also said that if people really want to they can turn off the auto updates as he will probably never update it anyway, i would post a picture of the conversation that happened on steam but i had updated steam since which refreshed the chat log.
i cannot confirm anything that is for him to do im just stating what he has told me personally to the most recent events of these accusations
2501 days ago
HAHAHA, you cant be serious, if the application is connecting to the server obviously its checking for updates, you say your so humble and appreciative of all the work he does that make our jobs easier and then still you still acttack him and accuse him of his tools "tracking" you. Seriously he has alot of better things to do than track people that use his programs, or hack them for that matter, and why would he bother doing such things if he could potentially be working for one of the worlds main/biggest companies (google), why would he ruin that oppourtnity in order to violate tracking and unlawful access to data laws. Honestly it doesnt make sense, also i like the amount of time you spent on making the topic look nice and pretty.  :derp:
2501 days ago
lol if your talking about one of my videos specifically about c&p weapons thats because its just a quick in game test for animations, the reason it is "community driven" is because people like you cant be bothered to learn one bit about modding or look at a tutorial instead you get other people to do the work for you and just drag it in your map, and say oh i made this map in 2 days and it has every WW under the sun, which is original content in a custom map.
2505 days ago
The fine ass holes over at TMG aint got sh#t on this :D
lmao, at least our idea's arent copy and paste, and secondly arent original or based off original ideas and you alone i bet you couldnt do anything like this if you tried.
2505 days ago
The hazmat player models exist in BO1.
They do indeed but they have the ai skeleton which is different to the player model skeleton (has different joints), and won't work correctly in game, try it and you will see what I mean :P
2555 days ago
If you have black ops 2 on pc you can use lime Tom bmx's xmodel exporter and export the hazmat player models while playing zombies in a survival mode on town ect then port the model for was and edit your character script in raw/character to your hazmat player model then include that script in your mod and if need be include the model in your mod.csv, hope this helps
2555 days ago


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