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God, we need more of this masterpiece  :rainbow: :rainbow:
1565 days ago
Can't wait to play this with my friends  :rainbow: :rainbow:
1571 days ago
Does this one requires t4m?
1572 days ago
ah yes

impossible to understand "words" until your a ugx veteran
Also there are some non-english members commented on some topics, just say it.
1585 days ago
Is the fact that this topic in the Work in Progress section and even has the word WIP in its title not enough to tell you that it is still being worked on?
Forget it man, he is a newbie and yet to know how UGX works  :please:
1585 days ago
I am pleased to announce that ElTitoPricus is collaborating on this project :)

(Image removed from quote.)

ElTitoPricus has provided exclusively for Mixti Fori all the personalized weapons and models of Origins characters. Scripts, models, materials, anims, fx, and sounds ported, it's all his work. And all this is splendid!

Gracias, crack!

 Thanks, you are a rock star!  ;)

ElTitoPricus has also created a camo PAP with scroolling texture that is faithful to the aesthetics of the "supernatural elements" of the map


WWII weapons (and older):
- Mauser C96
- 38Special (BO3)
- M1 Garand (Advance Warfare)
- STG44 (Advance Warfare)
- WINCHESTER Lever Action (Advance Warfare)
- PPSH (BO3) 
- MG42 (WaW)
- M1919 Browning  (WaW)

Modern/Futuristic weapons:
- ARX160 (Ghosts)
- SC2010 (Ghosts)
- CARBINE (Bulletstorm)
- XPR50 (BO2)
- CHAINSAW (Ghosts)
- Dingo (BO3)
- REPULSOR (Advance Warfare)
- RIPPER (Ghosts)
- Ray gun (WaW)

Wonder weapons:
- XMG1 (Advance Warfare)
- KT7 (BO3)
- Flaregun (Bulletsorm)
- Wunderwaffe (WaW)

(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH    :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
1586 days ago
I heard Huruman is a really good mapper, so i think he's qualified enough to interest in the other projects ( instead of hype or exciting)   :D
1594 days ago
Guess i should have more exciting to this map instead of bo3 chronicles zombies. Cuz i have a shitty laptop  :please:
1597 days ago
OMFG,OMFG,OMFG,OMFG,OMFG,OMFG,OMFG plz i'm fucking alright about send me the link first plzzzzz I FUCKING LOVE YOU HITMANVERE, dude IT'S FUCKING 98% !!!!! omfg omfg omfg
Slow down mate, everyone like you always want to play first. Be patience.
1606 days ago
I reckon a Number HUD would help with guns with large magazines (Dingo, Cough)
apart from that, this might actually be worth giving a crack.

Double Post Merge: April 29, 2017, 07:44:14 am
U sir are really original with dat vid.
1607 days ago
Also add bo3 raygun, wunderwaffle animations, just saying.
1607 days ago
happy birthday to you..........happy birthday to you happy birthday to beam happy birthday to you........that good? ok?

10/10 IGN   :rainbow:
1635 days ago
Do not ask for difficulty when playing in noclip ... noob coward
Sometimes we must do coward things to survive. But this is video game so it doesn't apply to the term  :please:
1643 days ago
This map is a bad case of "Trying to cram as much stuff into a small space as possible"
More doesn't mean good.
u mad?
1717 days ago


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