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Messages - JV

It is currently being developed for CoDWaW  :)
There are plans for exporting it to BO3 in the future, but i'm not sure if I will proceed with that.
7 years ago
Thanks for the nice comments guys appreciate it  ;D
7 years ago
I had the same problem today and I contacted tom about it so I hope he will fix this soon.
I think Black Ops recently got updated and that's the reason why Lime doesn't work on Black Ops anymore.
It worked fine before..
7 years ago
ProjectX has been out since 2011 but has not been released on UGX-mods before.
That means a lot of people already played this map.

For those who didn't,
Grab your guns and enjoy this historic zombiemap in Call of Duty: World at War!

Have you played it in the past?
Dare to face the evil within X-laboratories once again!

A sequel will be expected in 2018.
- JV

Mapped by - JV
Scripted by - JV and Aidan

It's all over the news.
Four marines have been sent on a mysterious mission to a laboratory facility "X-Laboratories".
A highly damaged laboratory because of unknown reasons.
This is the story of these four marines.
Watch and reveal the world in their eyes.
Or are you gonna reveal the hell in their eyes?

Are you planning to escape in this huge laboratory while a realm of undead scientists
and laboratory workers are rising from the ground..

..or will you end up like them?

Official trailer

ProjectX is objective based.
A helicopter is located on the rooftop,
You will have to activate the moving emergency stair in order to reach it.
Map contains,

- Custom sounds
- Custom guns
- Custom teleporters
- Custom scripts
- Cheat protection
- ProjectX styled (Custom fog, weather, overall settings)
- Around the 300 custom textures/images
- Around the 100 CoD4 models
- Around the 100 fx including custom fx
- Kino Der Toten styled teleporter
- Large Easter Egg

Credits list,

- Mrhankey91
- Tom_Bmx
- X-President
- [UGX]Treminaor
- UMP-45 by the [UGX] team
- kSuPz
Beta testers,

- kSuPz
- CoDMapper
- Mrhankey91
- Mattie
- [BRU]Adomon
- [TLZ]FHZombie1
- Tom_Bmx
- Yoteslaya
- xConway22
- Darkflame
- BigDave
- RichyBabes
- [TLZ]Towniy
- [UGX]Paragalor
- Darkmapper

Alpha testers,

- [BRU]Adomon
- kSuPz
I am absolutely proud to announce..


7 years ago
Hey man, that looks okay for a first map  :)
I noticed that you have some reflection issues in your map (red lightning on your guns and floors).

In order to fix this you just have to place some reflection_probes in your map.
Right click in the 2D view and click reflection_probe.
Just make it floating in some rooms and that should fix it.

Also don't forget to add a lightmap brush around your map.
7 years ago
Remove the brush that's causing the error.

In the Radiant menu select the following option: 
Code Snippet
Misc > Go to position..
Fill in the brush coordinates that Launcher gave you: -3002 1404 -190 then press OK.

This will bring you to the brush location that is causing the lightmap error.
Remove it and rebuild it.
7 years ago
Just drag the 2D view to the left like you did with the console   ;)
7 years ago
You can just use two patches and create one yourself, works fine.
Just apply the " makin_trim_wood_burned1" texture to it and you got yourself a meteor.
7 years ago
Congratulations on the release  :)
7 years ago
The UGX script placer beta 2.0 works fine, you can perfectly use that one  :)
7 years ago
Welcome Piff. If theres anything you need, let me know  :)
7 years ago
What are you up to JV?  ::)

I'm working on a new zombiemap :)
7 years ago
Make sure your spawners are aligned to the ground. They are floating  ;)

Before you launch your map open up the console and type:

Code Snippet
developer 1

Then launch your map:

Code Snippet
devmap nazi_zombie_yourmapname

And ingame type in the console:

Code Snippet
ai_shownodes 1

This will show your pathnodes ingame so you can see if they are correct connected to eachother.
7 years ago
Thanks a lot!! Imagination and ideas I think I have enough. What I do not have is free time. My work schedule is 10 hours a day, plus other duties that are before this hobby.  ;)

I fully understand you, that's a long work schedule man. It's not easy to combine that with mapping.. respect  :)
7 years ago
I sent you a PM ;). Did you receive it?
I'm not sure I can send PM's yet since I have a low post count, lol.
7 years ago
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