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Nice work, finally released I see!
Keep it up :)
1660 days ago
Looking fantastic Hitman!
Love the ending too ;D
1738 days ago
Happens when compiling. I recieved this error after fixing the last compile error I had. Any ideas, haven't seen this before or little information as to what is causing it.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

Double Post Merge: March 31, 2015, 06:41:34 pm
Just realised I put this in mapping, if someone could move it to General help that would be great, thanks.
1964 days ago
I know the solution for this, i got this error with a map, you have to select the lights and uncheck "primary_omni" and "primary_spot", that should fix the problem. :D

I remember that somebody tell me that waw only support around 64 and 32 (or maybe less than that) "dynamic lights" or some shit like that.

Thanks for the reply much appreciate it, is there a way to check how many dynamic lights I have within my map?


Praise the lord!

I deleted a few spot lights and compile seems to be working now, strange thing is I haven't added any lights to my map for a few days and had compiled it often since then, ah well ty for fix I'm back in business :)
1965 days ago
I know there is another topic about this error. But i dont know how to fix this :(

Yeh I know, tried the solutions but they didn't work.
1965 days ago
Did some mapping on Solitary yesterday, came on today to compile and get this error after 'splitting into lightable areas'.

Any ideas / known fixes?

If anyone has experienced it before and knows what has caused it that would be nice thanks.
1965 days ago
I thought i was someone else working on tropical rust
Nope it was just Bear working on rust but he remade it about 4 times to try and get it looking perfect.
1965 days ago
Bear made Authority and Rust however I am no longer in contact with him and the team has dissolved. I'm pretty sure he won't be working on those maps again sadly we put a lot of work into them and they were both close to being finished. I do have the authority mod and I'll see how playable it is and may release it depending on its playability. 
I worked on Solitary and started to get a story line linking between our maps but he has had some personal issues causing him to leave the scene. We'll see maybe one day we'll get into contact again if he reuses his account on ugx / zombiemodding.
1966 days ago
Looking forward to playing! First map I have downloaded in probably over 6 months :)
1973 days ago
Looking good hitman, keep it up :)
1986 days ago
Nice work love the atmosphere!
2003 days ago
MrDunlop4 mapping around the clock to get it done :D cannot printscreen EVERYTHING however...

(Image removed from quote.)

Since its hard to tell where it is relative to the map i dont mind sharing the section i was working on erlier.. plus because there is thousands of images already 1 more cannot hurt hehe
Looks fantastic Radi! Keep it up :)
2039 days ago
Very nice Stevie looks sick!
Keep it up :)
2043 days ago
Looks nice I love the neon futuristic look and that earth.
Keep it up :)
2047 days ago


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