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Messages - Ray1235

I get this error when trying to click on anything in the tool: "# Error: NameError: name 'CoDMayaTools' is not defined"

EDIT: Huh, that is odd... I restarted Maya for the second time and it works now.
I was about to suggest you to check the filename as it has to be the same.
5 years ago
100% NOT working.

I tried it yesterday and the export2bin doesn't create the correct file (content).
I used Maya 2016.

The normal export worked fine, but I had to run it (after 1 hour of raging) manually through export2bin (that tool is also questionable...)

Could this please be reviewed, because I got clearly fooled by the developer saying it works 100%.
Sorry for misleading, I forgot to edit my post after I've noticed that it doesn't work at all, god dammit. I thought that the tool would accept the full path as argument, but it doesn't.
6 years ago
You can have only zombies installed, check the DLC tab.
6 years ago
'Dark Sector' AKA Combine at night? :poker: :-\
Combine is called mp_sector, that's why the Sector in name.
6 years ago
lol "quite some positive feedback" from a bunch of 12 year olds who would shit themselvs if u showed that a box map
Whatever, it was bound to happen anyway lmao.
6 years ago
really ray, changing the world spawn for a map? thats the sort of shit noobs do, really disapointing :/

rays reply; "kek"

Well, I've always wanted to see how BO3 would play at night and since it got quite some positive feedback, I've decided to work on it further.
6 years ago

The battle on the security checkpoint still goes on. Experience the most popular Black Ops 3 map at night time, where the way you play is bound to be different than during daytime.

6 years ago
I guess I'm out of here, never taken any kind of drug. kek. Unless you count music as a drug because I suffer withdrawal effects when not listening to it.
6 years ago
I have a PC that's below minspec and it runs kinda decent. I'm sure your rig will run it just fine.
6 years ago
Red hex was good, the urban and green one (the first one) were meh, the other red one sucked (the second one). But other than that, STILL NO GOLD CAMO!!

I understand they won't let us touch that kinda stuff, but what about the ability to host our own server? So that my mod runs on my server, you start at level 1, and if I want to make the haymaker a level 2 unlock I can do so? I understand it's maybe a little bit much to ask from Treyarch and Activision tho.
You will be able to host your own server, but it's unranked in a way that you can't level up, everything is unlocked, etc.
6 years ago
That sucks! Why not makes us able to change almost anything (related to menus) ? I thought it'd be cool to add new camos and challenges as currently it sucks. Whose idea was it to make JUST 4 camos als all of them are just unlocked by killing? That's why I was asking it.
I'll be honest, the menus are the thing I'm least worried about :P
6 years ago
Uploaded a hotfix. Export2Bin is now 100% confirmed working.
6 years ago

I want to have some answers on MOD tools, whether things are possible or not.

1. Will it be possible to add weapons to the weapon kit and put the unlock at a level (for example, at level 50 you unlock the Thunder Gun in the weapon kit)?
2. Will it be possible to add new gobblegums and add them to the gobble gum menu?
3. Will it be possible to add new camos and add them to the camo selection (for example, for 500 zombie headshots, get X camo, if you get all camos, get Y camo, sort of like in MP)?
4. I don't know whether Tom is dead or not... but I assume there won't be any tools by him anymore? Like Lime and Lemon?
1 and 2, not yet
3 is possible, although you can't add new camos to camo selection yet
4) His Lemon kinda flopped, it only produced spazzed out anims and Lime, I don't know. You can get Wraith by DTZxPorter aka toxic72 which basically does what Lime and Lemon did and you don't need a special plugin for importing anims.
6 years ago
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