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Messages - XCyberHDX

It should support it because theres already 1 custom map for bo1 that is supported in game_mod. Heres a link so u can try it out
7 years ago
Maybe hit me up with that DL too? I did help you guys with the Ascension EE a long time ago  ::) -XCyberBladeX
7 years ago
Progress Update?
7 years ago
Hitman is going to need a comeback for this clown :o
7 years ago
Are you sure about that?  ???
7 years ago
Thanks for the update! :P Looking noice
7 years ago
Well some youtubers have played the map so can we know when this is publicly released?

He might not release it because of haters and that the map is being annoying for him. Id love to play the map too man, but asking when it will be released isn't helping.
8 years ago
Install T4M

Dude I have it and I even set the my settings to recomended?
8 years ago
When i click solomon i get an error saying not enough ram ? i have 8 gb?
8 years ago
Hey WhippyTrout i was meaning to ask you if its possible for me to try out the map and post a video of how it is so far ???? because it does look absolutely fantastic so far and it would be awesome to show people how it looks :3

Thats not going to happen you know. You need to wait like everyone else for the map to be released publicly  :please:
8 years ago
Updated OP with new update ^^^^^^^  :lol:  :rainbow:
8 years ago
my point still stands. you're trying to run a marathon before learning how to walk. if you're all serious about making maps and stuff you need to learn how some things work in the engine. and what you're asking is still as simple as making a door. it only requieres some scripting and you're done. and your map is still pretty fucking far away from being complete so i suggest you focus on mapping which is what's more important than stuff like that. you'll eventually figure it out on your own anyway.

Thanks  :please:
8 years ago
and i want angelina jolie in her prime to give me a lap dance but we don't always get what we want. you guys better learn how to do the most basic stuff in mod tools before posting topics about them. there are literally dozens of tutorials on the wiki and everyone keeps posting questions like "guys how do i make a door?", "how do i put zombies?", "why do i get a boner when i see a girl in tights?". i know i'm being kinda rude right now but do you guys even internet? don't you guys see the sticky threads that say you gotta check the wiki before opening threads to ask for help? seriously?

This is a much better question than just asking how to make a door..  :please:

Nobody has a tutorial on how to port a cetrifuge. And I was asking someone if they are aboe to do it for me.  :)
8 years ago
op updated, also any ee/boss ideas would be great

I vote for a panzer soldat!  :D  :o
8 years ago
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