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No, but my teacher said it was some problems with the normal/bump maps :P  Also, I used an old SETool plug-in, ver 1.0 rather than DZxTPorter's 1.5.5  :troll: which messed up the anims  :please:

UPDATE: Yes, the normal maps for some of my guns wasn't blue coloured in preview :P
1512 days ago
Yes, those are correct ;) I haven't used the camo mask on any of my ported weapons.

Are there normal maps called "wet" for the rainy textures? I haven't used those
1520 days ago
Uhh, I have setup ADS anims in APE and enabled ADS.

JDCobra, I think I placed a normal map by accident on the occlusionmap on the HBRA3 :P Didn't do that on the XMLAR- There's a "mask" texture I haven't applied to it, is that some kind of gloss map?
1521 days ago
Alright, what would be the fix? :P
1525 days ago
Some guns have ben messed up. Everything is "tag_weapon", anims are set to "relative" and "use Bones" is unchecked. I have created animated models (tag_view + hierarchy + either a random weapon mesh/one mesh from the rig) and those are "tag_weapons". Any advice?

ADS anim is "broken" on the XMLAR

ASM1 is stuck in the middle of the screen

Same thing with HBRA3, althought less severe.

Even the Barrett is stuck into my face  :P

Somehow, the other MWR weapons I ported (RPD, Dragunov and the M60) looks perfect...
1526 days ago
Where do I find tile mode

Alright, thanks :)
1527 days ago

Just encountered this error while working with some sniper rifles (Barrett, SVD Dragunov, GM6). What have I done wrong in APE?. The reticle size is 1024x1024 and I made it in Photoshop.

I set the image as an image asset (2d map) in APE.
1527 days ago
I think that makes sense, as the Banshii/Rift E9/Ray Gun fires projectiles rather than hitscans ;)

Oh, do you know what would be equal to a laser guided weapon? Porting over the MAAWS from AW.
1533 days ago
What type of weapon should I define energy weapons in APE? Currently working on the EPM3/EM1 and the AE4.

1533 days ago
Do you have models/textures associated with 2 and 3? :P
1544 days ago
Ah I see. Well, I think I should recycle the BO3 and the BO2 ones, I already have them extracted :) Going through thousands of files isn't something I would waste time on. Again, thanks for the help!
1549 days ago
Nah, I would prefer the raw sound files. I could re-use the BO2/BO3 ones, or I could extract all AW/MWR sound files and listen through them  :P Do BO1/MW2/MW3 store their sound files in the ".ff" files? I have extracted the IWD's with Winrar and there's no weapon sounds in the folders. Just the ambient/character sound files along with explosions.

1549 days ago
The average IQ of this thread is less than decimal point

Internet in a nutshell :please:
1550 days ago
You need the official WaW tools to get them. As Harry say, textures looks dated and anims doesn't work. Not that I have tried to export them. It would be better if someone took their time to "remaster" those weapons.
1554 days ago
The model have only 1 material assigned to it. Nothing more you can do ;)

Ah, you're going to use a existing BO3 zombie model. I thought you were going to import a model from a different game. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I thought you were doing what Zeroy did in his video :P
1555 days ago


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