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Messages - fedgyma

No idea about the technical implementaion and how this md5 is generated or how it is used.
It's a legacy application which works as it is :)
I've talked with someone, and we kinda agreed that the UMM.xml have an issue .
I'm working on a small project, porting the UMM and its features to linux natively. The packet manager is already done, but since security issues due to md5, i wont provide any release yet.
2 years ago
Yup just pick the latest version of each map, thats exactly what the map manager does download & extract.
I just noticed that the md5 sum of the Update tag are not corresponding to any map archive, what am I doing wrong ?
2 years ago
You can lookup the download path in the XML file:
Shouldn't be rocket science to find the download link :)
Thank you, you saved me a lot of time. Does the puplic link is the same version as the Map manager one ?;)
2 years ago
i dont think u can download the official ugx maps without using the ugx map manager to download those specific kinds of maps that r not on the website to download them on, not sure tho, cuz they have no links for it and only available on the map manager
I was hoping for them to provide mirrors. The UGX Launcher seems to be still in private beta and the map manager doesn't work on wine.
2 years ago
Hi! I've managed to install UGX mod standalone. Im on Arch Linux. Can i download official maps without UGX Map Manager ? And is ther a repo where i can build it ?
2 years ago
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