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U could modify ur character.

This is a stock one.

self.headModel = codescripts\character::randomElement(xmodelalias\char_ger_honorgd_zombieheadalias::main());
self attach(self.headModel, "", true);
self.voice = "german";
self.torsoDmg1 = "char_ger_honorgd_body1_g_upclean";
self.torsoDmg2 = codescripts\character::randomElement(xmodelalias\char_ger_hnrgrd_body1_g_rarmoffalias::main());
self.torsoDmg3 = codescripts\character::randomElement(xmodelalias\char_ger_hnrgrd_body1_g_larmoffalias::main());
self.torsoDmg4 = codescripts\character::randomElement(xmodelalias\char_ger_hnrgrd_body1_g_torsoalias::main());
self.torsoDmg5 = "char_ger_honorgd_body1_g_behead";
self.legDmg1 = "char_ger_honorgd_body1_g_lowclean";
self.legDmg2 = codescripts\character::randomElement(xmodelalias\char_ger_hnrgrd_body1_g_rlegoffalias::main());
self.legDmg3 = codescripts\character::randomElement(xmodelalias\char_ger_hnrgrd_body1_g_llegoffalias::main());
self.legDmg4 = codescripts\character::randomElement(xmodelalias\char_ger_hnrgrd_body1_g_legsoffalias::main());
self.gibSpawn1 = "char_ger_honorgd_body1_g_rarmspawn";
self.gibSpawnTag1 = "J_Elbow_RI";
self.gibSpawn2 = "char_ger_honorgd_body1_g_larmspawn";
self.gibSpawnTag2 = "J_Elbow_LE";
self.gibSpawn3 = "char_ger_honorgd_body1_g_rlegspawn";
self.gibSpawnTag3 = "J_Knee_RI";
self.gibSpawn4 = "char_ger_honorgd_body1_g_llegspawn";
self.gibSpawnTag4 = "J_Knee_LE";

Remove this and it should stop spawning gibs.

self.gibSpawn1 = "char_ger_honorgd_body1_g_rarmspawn";
self.gibSpawnTag1 = "J_Elbow_RI";
self.gibSpawn2 = "char_ger_honorgd_body1_g_larmspawn";
self.gibSpawnTag2 = "J_Elbow_LE";
self.gibSpawn3 = "char_ger_honorgd_body1_g_rlegspawn";
self.gibSpawnTag3 = "J_Knee_RI";
self.gibSpawn4 = "char_ger_honorgd_body1_g_llegspawn";
self.gibSpawnTag4 = "J_Knee_LE";
1387 days ago
Overriding stock assets only works with a mod atm. Also characters are handled different this time. You have to make a charactercustomizationtable. There is a example in ape: mods_character_customization. But it will only work with a mod at this time. In the next update this should be fixed.
1388 days ago
Try set Vertex Normal (Select all the meshes first ^^)

Maya 2012:

Maya 2016:

1408 days ago
Do you have FX>Fx Rendering Enabled checked in the options menu?
1414 days ago
Dempsey, Richtofen, Nikolai & Takeo are entering the undead graveyard for Halloween, you know its gonna be fun already!

For the Halloween holiday season a bunch of us original alpha testers on the modtools decided to embark on a little spooky project.

This was only a week ago and we are thrilled to present you with this Zombie level which was a team effort in bringing a lot of what we have been testing and implementing since the modtools were released.


Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Here are some of the features present in the level:

- Custom weapons
- Imported music, voxes, models
- Custom Dog Ai and new model
- Custom scripting for various aspect *we'll let you discover those ;)
- Custom FXs

And of course the usual suspects:

- Few perk machines (there are other ways to get perks!)
- Wall buys
- Mystery Box
- PAP Quest
- EEs

Now for the credits, thanks all!

Layout, Mapping, Level Design: Zeroy
Main scripting: Ardivee & Makecents
Weapons: TitoPricus, ConvictioNDR, Rollon
Music: Mainly Treyarch, some from Paul Christoforakos
Research and various help: Wakka, Ray1235
Additional Scripting: Nate Smith
Pumpkin Voice: Madgaz
Tools : DTZxPorter (Wraith) - Bram (modtools helper)
Electric Cherry Model by Jbird632

!!!Happy Halloween!!!
1425 days ago
That's not a fix lol, u have to use probes to fix that.
1445 days ago
U need to place a weathergrime volume, this applies a texture on the red area. Check the combine/giant for example.
1453 days ago
Delete your mapname.ff in usermaps/mapname/zone/

Also you xpak keeps growing each time you compile. :) So keep that in mind till it's fixed
1459 days ago
Try  \n that should work.
1460 days ago
Also a update on the HUD:

1498 days ago
New loadscreen (Credits to SirJammy for making this)
1499 days ago

Map should be released soon :D
1509 days ago
CoDWaW Sound Tool v0.1

This is the release of my sound converter, this will reduce your sound sfx size a lot.

Short Instructions:

Make sure your sound is a .wav file and has no spaces in it :) Then just drag n drop the file and it will be converted. A folder called "converted" will be created automatically in the same directory as the program.


Not all .wav codecs are supported.

I'll have a tutorial video up soon for the people who don't understand, please report any bugs through pm.
1524 days ago
I Found a bug:
When brutus spawned,he spawned in a zone where i did not open
and stayed there till i opened the door

That's a new one :) Thanks for reporting, the other we are already aware off.
1569 days ago
Bug Report:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Thanks for the bug report, we did also find that bug. The fix is almost done :)
1584 days ago


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