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we have a mystery on our hands, mr. trem has some explaiiiiiiiiining to do.
2234 days ago
But on ugx's youtube channel, ugx responded to a guy saying: "We're trying to get a beta out to donors this month, yes. Little behind schedule since the gamemodes took a lot of time and school has been heavy."

2234 days ago
I was just wondering how much you had to donate to beta test ugx mod v1.1, because in the last video that you guys made, you mentioned something about donators being able to test the mod. I know beta testing the map will probably take another couple weeks, but I just wanted to know now. thank you in advance, i love ugxxxx!!!
2234 days ago
I was just wondering, will the v1.1 map ugx uses to test their mods be released to the public? Mostly because it gives players a chance to test out the new mods, and give our opinions on them. I know some of the mods are still in beta testing, but it would be pretty sweet to test them out still.

Pretty please ;)
2325 days ago
I've recently been checking out the latest ugx mods for world at war, and I was wondering when it was going to be released. I honestly can't wait because of all the new things there adding, like: tombstone, who's who, hacking device, gerish device, scavenger, it all looks wonderful.

So does anybody know a release date? or are they keeping it a secret.
2330 days ago
2411 days ago
If I just delete these 'loose' folders, or just clean up my entire mods folder, would it fix it? And I am certain that's the correct folder. I have no idea whats happening with my folder, every single map I download has a server script compile error.

These are the ones I get: ugxm_tips
ugxm_perks  (sometimes)
2412 days ago
When I try to load my downloaded map, it stops when am synchronizing and gives me an error: Server script compile error, could not find script 'ugxm_boss' see console for details

This has never happened to me before, and i've tried re-downloading it several times, but gives me the same error.

I downloaded it from here:

Need desperate help, please.
2427 days ago


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