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2120 days ago
Guys thanks for all the help but once again radiant has had the last laugh and decided to work off its own back  :troll:

i have no idea what happened but once again thanks
2312 days ago
nice i'll do it when radiant is calmed down
2312 days ago
I had radiant open for about 10 min then I close it down add some custom textures then try to reopen it and nothing happend so i tried to load my map file from previous file list and got this:

PLEASE HELP ME (Trem I'm looking your way)

preemptive strike:

YES i am running radiant as admin
YES the .prj file is loaded
YES XP is running is running in compatibility mode (Dual)
2312 days ago
The map looks good. I like that you have custom wall chalk for the Black ops weapons. Anyone else notice, that they say PhD is in the map, yet it's not shown in any screen shots like the other perks are?

here you go  :)

2315 days ago
UPDATE: Due to work commitments and the fact that DualVII, Rambo and myself are trying to get NAG youtube Channel up and running, mapping has been slow.

the Good news is that i will be using my week off (next week) to get a playable beta sorted and out to testers by the 1/6 or 6/1 if you are stateside :)

Bad news is that some of my initial ideas i.e. content and EE etc. will be abit more basic then i originally set out to make (dont worry i have a FUTURE map in mind for those ideas that will be tackled later in the Year.) the reason for this is that i am going to be involved in two collaborative projects, in the next 6-8 months, both very exciting and i am looking forward to being a part of, which means the mapping my own ideas may have to wait.

thanks :)
2318 days ago
All 4 upgraded elemental staffs next  :accepted: hahaha
2321 days ago
Ok.  Glad you guys had fun.

we had a great time Bro, apart from the staff issue it was perfect. (we can try and recreate it again at some point if it would help you). also when we get the video up and running will send you a link so you can see the stage where the issue occurs.

personally im not to bothered my staff got upgraded :troll:

but fantastic map from both you and Hex.

Rambo and i were saying last night that the replayability for Swan is up there with mob of the dead and Origins.
2330 days ago
we did manage to upgrade one staff :)

2330 days ago
Do you have a work perk machine in the map?
2337 days ago
 sorry for this update being so long from my original post work comitments have swamped me as of late but i have had some time to add light ing and more models to give the map more detail.

also i have had some help from DualVII with the Pap camo, Blundergat and Scrpting so thanks to him its looking good :)

hope you lik ethe new pics
2345 days ago
2383 days ago
downloading now looks good :)
2387 days ago
I think im gonna quit this map, because i lost al my files.
Im gonna make a new one.
srry you guys :(


soory to hear that dude
2392 days ago

everyone has an opinion which is their right, but lets not turn it in to more then it has to be. those involved in any issues in the past have shown restraint and thanks for that.

those of us who are happier here thats great, those who prefer ZM thats Great too, support them but dont trash others in the process.
2394 days ago


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