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The only complaint about this mod I have about it is that after your late into a game mainly using explosives the game will start to break around the 50's, maybe even 40's if your playing with others. The game will begin to lag horribly then eventually freeze.
58 days ago
When I try to play this map, the custom Zombies section in the game doesn't have it. What do I do?
You can't play custom maps with this mod
117 days ago
The map looks good so far, I hope to see it released at some point.
118 days ago
One of the best mods by far on bo1, really pushes the game to its limits at some points. Really played a lot of this mod. Keep up the good work!
118 days ago
This was a really good map :3 It really shows the potential bo1 has for custom zombies.
118 days ago
This map was really fun! Glad most of the glitches were fixed. Since me and my friend found lots in the older versions of the map
118 days ago
 Hello everyone! This is my first ever map that i've created. I've attempted to make other maps in the past on bo1 and waw but gave up on them. I really hope you enjoy this
map! I might update it in the future.

DoubleTap 2.0
2 Secret EE's
4 weapons from MP
No Powerups (Besides Max Ammo's on Dog Rounds)

119 days ago


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