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I think I saw a post somewhere about him saying something about if you have a mod menu or edited something you would get this error
1086 days ago
Alright so after a lot of confusion and trial and error I finally managed to port over the AN-94 only problem is the 2nd mag used to knock the 1st one out is invisible. Both mags use the same texture which I called mtl_an94
Here's the view model in Maya
1086 days ago

1091 days ago
This is in Maya the Reticle is in the middle



In game with the Lenses with the Blend option
1099 days ago
I tried that, the reticle appears as a black circle
1099 days ago
Alright i've done that, in Maya there is 3 circles in the scope one for the reticle and 2 for the lenses. I set the Lenses to Blend but if that doesnt help as the Reticle is just a black circle in the scope and setting that to blend it just creates a hole in the scope but you can't see out of the other side unless you shoot
1099 days ago
I've Finally been able to port over the Boomhilda but have a problem with the scope is it something to do in assman? in Maya its transparent.

1099 days ago
I've done everything correctly I haven't deleted any joints to mess it up and have done it correctly in assman but it still looks stupid.

1106 days ago
I have a problem in my map all the perks have switched models so PHD has the stamin-up model and Mule-kick has the PHD model and this applys with the other two perks any help??
1718 days ago
Bad syntax error
if( iDamage < )
Line 2666
1855 days ago
where is the download button!
2282 days ago


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