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This is a great map! You were very right about solo being a challenge but if you have good crowd control skills you will be fine. No zombies on sharpshooter at all...they just never showed up. Gungame is a blast and this map was made for it. At least that's how I see it. Loved the fact that the zombies don't show up until you turn the power on...makes it easier to get revive onboard early. Not a big fan of the intro after the first run through...maybe assign a key to skip it? Still this a really fun map!
1810 days ago
I can't say that I am a big fan of box maps but I also feel they have a valuable place in the map pecking order too. They provide noobs a chance to develop their crowd control skills. This map is a challenge and I had a great time playing it.
1810 days ago
Had a great time with this map on solo. Laughed hard when I played on the different game modes other than classic...the game acts like I cheated with a sprinter horde from hell especially on gungame. But had a blast on classic. Great guns but i hate the monkeys...LOL. Killed me the second time they appeared. Sharpshooter was disabled...sad face. But good map and good job!
1810 days ago
Really fun map. Was great to hear Dempsey saying stuff he hasn't said in a long time...some of which I have never heard...gave me a chuckle. Challenging but not too bad solo. Love the range of weapons and the new sounds are great
1811 days ago
Great map! Really challenging on solo but could you turn the other ugx modes on in solo...right now they are disabled.
1811 days ago
Ok well to start out I hated this map to begin with. Yep...I said hated. I actually rage deleted it. But then I re-installed and gave it a few more gos and I found it worthy of keeping.
   However there is one problem that you may not be aware of and that is the name of the map. I figured out after having read all the posts here that it's execution command is nazi_zombie_lost and not swan. I bring this up only because it has been pointed out to me that I have way too many "You are bat shit crazy for having that many maps" was the best response I have gotten. I found the UGXMods site because I have so many maps that they don't all show up on the ingame list of mods in WaW. In fact my list stops in the "Ds". I have right now including this map 278 and that would have been more but recently I weeded through my maps and deleted the really boring ones.

    So to the problem.....that same execution line is the same as another map called lost that while it wasn't all that fun was still worth keeping. You may want to rename the files or people can just do what I finally did...rename the folder for the original "lost" to "lost(1)"' And it is not the first time this has happened. I remember one map had the line nazi_zombie_factory......LOL...same as der reise!  Giggles.

   The other problem is with the map manager. When I tried to download this map the green bar was full and then went out so I thought it had hadn't. No problem though I just googled the map and got it on another site so no worries. But my suggestion to the moderators would be to also have a backup plan like leaving a link where people can download the maps seperately and apart from the manager.

  That being said I came to this site originally looking for a way to even play my excess maps and found the map manager a great help. I reccomend this site to EVERYONE and will continue to do so.

  As for the map itself I find it to be stupid hard...I mean that in a good way....I judge maps based solely on their solo playability and this one is a challenge for sure. It is why i raged quit a couple of times but that is a compliment. You did a great job and that electro zombie is an ass clown and I can't wait to kill it...LOL.

   Lastly I would say that to qualify any statements I have made I will point out that I have been actively playing zombie maps since WaW first came out, which is why I have so many maps. I keep track of my solo records on all my maps and deem myself as a good player. I don't rack up mega kills in co-op but I hold my own.
2051 days ago


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