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Very nice!... good job.
1114 days ago
if you stay next to the PAP, zombies buged...

1182 days ago
Hummmmmmm... I waited until round 3 for a zombie to appear in the main window... I was expecting in response that you would fix zombie spawn...  :P  :lol:

1182 days ago
Zombies buged, you hear breaking barricades in other rooms, but not in the main room...
1184 days ago
Would like to see these weapons in another map but extensive, it would be amazing
1246 days ago
Great map, congratulations on your work :)
Playing I noticed a failure, when we took the random perk, they give us two Deadshot Daiquiri, instead of just giving a perk, as is usual. This image, shows this better:

One of the icons is wrong, one corresponds to PHD Flopper... work nice.
1277 days ago
Bug alarm!!...  :lol:

out of the map

under the map

No cheat, just out for the windows... trololooool!!...
1504 days ago
simple and fun ... good map.

1554 days ago
I was very familiar with another nuketown... is an update based on another nuketown?. Anyway, good map.
1557 days ago
oh!, Vey, very cool map. Nice work...  ;D . it works perfectly
1557 days ago
Vulture aid, does't show other perk on the map, zombies no drop bullet & points, stinky smoke don't work. Zombies no drop items (insta kill, max ammo, etc..). Probably only it happens to me... or not?. whatever, the map can improve very much, luck, and continues forward.

(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)
1559 days ago
Tested.  in firt room, sometime zombie bug and do anything. vulture aid not work. Anyway, god map.  ;)
1559 days ago
Tested. The game crash when buy an specific perk on Wunderfizz... Not tipsy which is. i try 5 times, it can be to the first purchase, since it can be to the last one, crash anyway.
1562 days ago
Tested. if you repair windows barriers very close, you get bugged them. the spawn are broken, some zombies stand still and do nothing.

1568 days ago


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